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Unreviewed Matter Brace

William Nelson


  • Intent: Create a device that can teleport their possessions onto them, or into their hands.
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  • Can store up to 2000 Body Armor sized items.
  • Digital Storage: The device is capable of turning items the user wishes to store into digital code and then rematerializing them when the user wishes to have them accessible once more to them.
  • Neural Scanner: A neural scanner in the device allows them to merely think of the item they need, and it will appear in their hands.
  • EMPs: Electromagnetic Pulses would permanently fry the device causing whatever is stored inside it to be lost forever.
  • Ion Weapons: Ion weapons like EMPs would cause whatever is stored in the device to be lost forever.
  • Hacking: Hacking into the device would also cause whatever is stored inside it to be lost forever.

Born by William's obsession with out-doing his younger sibling Taji who was obsessed with perfecting the art of teleportation, the Matter Brace was created. Modeled after the bag of holding his brother has, this is a greater version of it. First and foremost, one major improvement he made was that it employs a neural scanner as opposed to the storage bag originally made by his brother. In addition to this modification, the bracer is made out of Phrik, Cortosis, and Mandalorian Iron. This is to provide it resistance to Lightsabers that the previous model didn't have. Another adjustment to the bracer is that it recharges from any energy source. Electricity, Force Energy, Solar Energy, you name it, it can handle being recharged from nearly all forms of energy as a further improvement to the device.