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Master Nomination - Seroth Ur-Rahn

Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!
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Ladies and gents, it gives me great pleasure to post this. Seroth Ur-Rahn, one of SWRP's hardest-working members both on staff and as a roleplayer, is henceforth up for nomination for the rank of Master.

I'd give you a thread tracker, but Recovery. Instead, have this:

A Sum Of Lies

Over eighty thousand words of the most compelling roleplay that this board has ever seen. It's moved me to every emotion imaginable and, quite frankly, is a novel all its own. This work tells anyone and everyone that Seroth's more than ready. If you haven't read it, read it - it's more incredible than anything else I've ever read on this site. More incredible than most things I read on any site ever, truth told. If you want the definition of a high-quality writer that, in my opinion, deserves this promotion - it's Seroth, head and shoulders above the rest.

Aye or nay, Masters.

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
I can't say no to someone who literally wrote a novel for self-training. Plus he's been delaying this for IC reasons for a while, or he'd have had the tag for a month or two. Yes.