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Approved Tech Marrow & Illskins Exclusive: Bottled Familiar

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Breaking Even
= B O T T L E D - F A M I L I A R =
A Marrow & Illskins Exclusive​


  • Classification: Consumable Artifact
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Very Light

Based upon the curious nature of Force Familiars and the ability of the Dathomiri Witches to summon the spirits of creatures to their aid, Bottled Familiar provides a temporary marriage of both. Able to be used by both NFU and FU alike, the bottle can be poured or broken to conjure the Familiar for a temporary amount of time.

  • Bottled Familiars can be used by FUs as a second set of eyes and ears, as well as a means to send messages and provide off-site sensory input, much like a Force Familiar is made to do.
  • Bottled Familiars are capable of moving through solid objects and their ghostly form cannot be harmed by the physical realm.
  • Force Users can also employ various Force techniques through a Bottled Familiar only when formed by a full "dose" at approximately 1/3 their normal power.
  • Bottled Familiars can withstand/absorb a limited amount of energy via the Force before dissipating, enabling them to "shield" their Charge from Force-based attacks.
  • Bottled Familiars give off a bright silver glow for the duration of their spellframe, which can prove useful in dark locations or ares.
  • Bottled Familiars can take various forms per dose, but most commonly appear in the form of smallish mammals or birds.

  • NFUs are limited in what uses they may have for a Bottled Familiar, but one could find creative means to employ them such as distractions, temporary companionship, and minor protection from other Force Spirits or Powers.
  • Bottled Familiars can be "harmed" by other spiritual or Force-based energies and are particularly susceptible to Force Lightning and Force Light.
  • Bottled Familiars have a limited spellframe in which they can exist, dependent upon the dose (explained below).
  • Bottled Familiars are tied specifically to a single Charge for the duration of their short spellframe (explained below).
  • Bottled Familiars are based upon Spiritual energies and therefore have no particular affinity to the Light or Darkside, regardless of their Charge.
  • Bottled Familiars maintain a visible form and cannot "disappear," therefore rendering them useless for stealth.
  • Bottled Familiars are limited in the forms that they can take and are never bigger than a large dog.



How to use your Bottled Familiar:

  • To "bond" yourself to your Bottled Familiar, simply place a single drop of your blood into the bottle and gently swill in. Unbonded Bottles will appear milky and smokey. Bonded Bottles will take on a shaded hue and appear more liquid in nature.
  • A Bottled Familiar will only accept one Bond. Additional blood from another person has no effect once a Bond has been formed.
  • Unbonded Bottled Familiars will run wild if used and cannot be "tamed" by any other means. Make the Bond before use!
  • Every Bottle contains a maximum of three minor doses. A minor dose consists of a single pour of the spirit contents within and will grant the Charge a 5 post max spellframe.
  • Minor dose Bottled Familiars tend to be far less robust in what they can do for their Charge and maintain a lower threshold of what powers can be employed through them as a vector, and what damage they can take.
  • Major dose Bottled Familiars require the Charge to smash the bottle, releasing the entirety of the contents to grant the Charge a 15 post max spellframe.
  • Force Users can sense and control their Bottled Familiars through the bloodbond, allowing them to use the Bottled Familiar much like they might a Force Familiar.
  • Force Users can also employ various Force techniques through a Bottled Familiar only when used at Major Dose, at approximately 1/3 their normal power.
  • Non-Force Users can verbally command their Bottled Familiars like they might a trained pet.
  • A Bottled Familiar's form is completely random, even between doses, and typically appears as smaller mammals or flying creatures.
  • Bottled Familiars are never bigger than what would be considered a large dog (great dane sized).
  • Once a Bottled Familiar has reached the end of its spellframe, it dissipates into the air, leaving no trace of its existence.
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