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Approved Tech Marrow & Illskins Custom Work: The Unyielding Drums

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Breaking Even
= The Unyielding Drums =
A Marrow & Illskins Custom Piece​



  • Intent: To submit a custom created piece for Aver Brand
  • Image Source:
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Dissero
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: [member="Aver Brand"]
  • Modularity: No, though new drum pieces could be created for an additional order.

  • Production: Unique
  • Materials: Phrik, vornsrk hide, and wroshyr wood.
  • The drum set was specifically designed and crafted with the user in mind. Being an overly powerful woman, Aver Brand required a set that could withstand the abuse of her pent-up anger as she thrashed away. As such, the entire set has been created using phrik, vornskr hide leather, and Wroshyr wood drumsticks. Tested vigorously by a Wookiee friend, this drum set is quite robust and exceptionally noisy.
  • The metal pieces of the set has been crafted from solid phrik and could withstand a nuclear explosion, as phrik is want to do.
  • It's a drumkit, not a weapon.
  • Steal value - phrik will always hold a high value for resell and reuse.

It began with an innocent curiosity of musical talents in the Coruscanti Marrow & Illskins shop. What may have initially been seeded as a joke, developed into a very real project.

In the Opera House the stage sat empty of the grand piano, a full drumset now stationed in its place. It was dark in color, almost black in the dim lighting of the hall. Leather wrapped and unpolished, it sat like a Brute Squad waiting for orders.

To the trained eye, the knowledgeable eye, it was very apparent that every piece of metal was solid phrik. That was the least expensive part.

"I had a wookie friend give it a test run - it's very sturdy, very stable, and these," Dissero picked two drumsticks off the ground, ashen black in color, "are compliments of him. Wroshyr wood - very snappy, treated for expected abuse. You won't break them, I promise."

Thus did Aver Brand gain herself a new hobby.

Everybody needs a hobby.
You're missing the materials section.

Dissero said:
has been created using phrik, alchemized vornskr hide leather, and alchemized Wroshyr wood drumsticks.
We only permit one restricted material per submission currently. I'd suggest just using some sort of alchemized metal for the phrik in order to keep everything else the same without having that big of an impact on the submission.
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