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Mark 1 Micro-Spy chip

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Relina Zhan

Ducha of Gallinore, "Apollyon the Slayer"

Note: This, of course, only is useful upon consent of the targeted party OOCly. Spying can be an iffy territory, but it is also an exciting bit of intrigue if done in a co-operative manner.

  • Manufacturer: Hapan Ministry of Intelligence, Section 6.
  • Model: Mark 1 Micro-Spy chip
  • Affiliation: Hapes Consortium, Ministry of Intelligence
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Semi Unique
  • Material: Silicon crystal and micro circuits
  • Extremely small, just small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier of most sentient organisms.
  • Stealthy and difficult to detect in food/drink or inside of one's body.
  • Allows access to the target's five (or more) biological senses by an intelligence operative to gain information, but cannot access thoughts or emotions.

Small size, compact microelectronics and processing, seamless cerebral feedback, difficult to detect, and provides first person sensory feedback remotely to obtain intelligence.

  • Allows an operative to slip inside of the skin of their subject, gaining access to their five (or more, depending on species) biological sense to obtain intelligence.
  • Difficult to detect.
Weaknesses :
  • Has a limited power supply sufficient for only 72 hours.
  • Cannot interpret thoughts or emotions directly from the subject's brain, only senses.
  • cannot influence nor control the target in any way

The Mark 1 Micro-Spy chip is probably one of the most underhanded espionage methods conceivable. The micro-spy chip comes in a small vial of common water and can withstand the temperature ranges typically used for cooking by most species. In situations where an operative infiltrating a target organisation would not have access to the desired information by other realistic methods or would be at a great risk to attempt access by any other method, this device circumvents those obstacles. Simply spike a drink or the marinate or a salad dressing or anything else a liquid could go into and wait for the chip to work its way to the sensory centres of the target's brain. The infiltrator on station would then have access, up to low orbit range, to only the sensory input as experienced by the target. A special interface device keyed to the chip and designed to slot into an implant chip junction will allow the operative to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel what the target does for 72 hours. The information is also recorded on a special data chip for review later. The operative, however, cannot read the target's thoughts or experience his/her emotions directly. They also have no means to influence or control the target. What better way to get intelligence than straight from the source, unfiltered and raw.

[member="Relina Zhan"]

Please make a note in your submission that only a PC can determine if they take this hit or not. It cannot be forced on them.

You also forgot to fill out the detailed special features. I just also noticed that you have an Artificial Intelligence field there? That isn't necessary as far as I am aware, so you can remove it.
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