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Map Update & Invasion/Dominions Restrictions Lowered

The map has been updated, for those of you who haven't noticed.

Also, some big news:

Tonight I asked Staff to vote on lowering the restrictions for Invasions and Dominions. Though we haven't all voted yet, we just reached 6 yay's vs 0 nay's, which means it will pass regardless.

The new limits are:

Minimum posts to finish a Invasion: 100 posts.

Minimum posts to finish a Dominion: 100 posts.

*Please note going further than one grid for a Dominion still requires +50 posts tacked on to the minimum required posts.


Velaeri Mortaine
Is this new rule retroactive - as in, does it apply towards Dominions or Invasions that were started before it was implemented? Or only those from here on out?