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Approved Species Mankarii

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  • Name: Mankarii

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Crystalong

  • Language: Crystalsong Standard, Hakentongue

  • Average height of adults: 1.8 m (humanoid body area), 125 metres (full body)

  • Skin color: Human skin colours (humanoid body area), wood colours (wooden body area)

  • Hair color: Human hair colours

  • Breathes: Type I, able to breathe Type II, Type III

  • Strengths:
Long lifetime - Mankarii live for quite long time. Their normal lifetime is 1500 years, but the oldest one is found to be over 5120 years old. It doesn’t mean they don’t suffer effects of growing old though.
Telepathic - Mankarii understand what a person is trying to say even if they say only one word. The only condition is, that the person saying the word must focus on the one word.
Able to breathe in most atmospheres - it makes them able to survive on almost every planet which supports some sort of life.
Force-sensitivity - Force-Sensitive Mankarii are quite strong due to having stronger than average connection with the Force.

  • Weaknesses:
Stems - Mankarii, since there are stems growing out of their limbs, are slow due to the need to move all these stems along with them. This is also a strength, because it means, that they can move underground using the stems like they were roots. In case a Mankarii loses all of their stems, they die unless they manage to grow new ones really quickly.
Bad at melee fighting - since there are stems growing out of Mankarii limbs, it makes them bad at melee fighting. They are not very good at defending themselves and chopping the stems off affects Mankarii strongly.

  • Distinctions: Mankarii look like humans when they stand still, but actually their human-like body is just a little area of their actual body. Mankarii are mostly plants and only their humanoid body is able to produce any hair. Though they are able to grow stems out of all of their limbs, they normally limit them to their legs.

  • Average Lifespan: 1000+

  • Races: Human races (humanoid body area).

  • Diet: Mankarii are able to eat with their humanoid body, but this feature is rarely used. In case anyone eats like that, they can consume only plants, vegetables, fruit. Eating meat is not possible, though it’s unknown what happens in case it somehow manages to get to the mouth of a Mankarii. They normally get nutrients and water from the ground. No food poisonous to them has been found yet.

  • Communication: Holocommunication, verbal, telepathical (only utilized by the current tribe rulers who all happen to be Force-sensitives), written. The Crystalsong Standard is a modified version of the Galactic Basic Standard, though it’s unsure why it’s so. There are a few hundred new words, about a thousand removed ones (which the inhabitants of Crystalsong don’t need) and many modified ones. Letters are almost the same as they are in GBS. Hakentongue seems really easy, because there are only a few characters. Actually, humans and probably most of the species in the galaxy can’t pronounce them. Hakentongue is not like most of the languages there are. It is reflected by the fact, that Mankarii are able to express an about 500 word long text with only one word and the reason behind that is, that Mankarii understand the inner meaning of words. That’s why they can understand what people are trying to say even when they say only one word, but really focus on that word. Some may consider it as telepathy.

  • Culture: Mankarii are a matriarchy. Men exist, but are clearly less important than women, though female members are still physically weaker. Every tribe has different traditions, but in all of them, the way the government works is the same. High Priests have near-absolute power, but they tell the people, that all they do is ordered by their god, the Force. In case a High Priest dies, which happens rarely due to their long lifetime, the next one is chosen by with fight between all 16 year old girls of the tribe. These fights are really brutal, because normally they are fought until death. The last survivor will become the next High Priest. In general, their life is really simple. Women do whatever they want: hunt, fight, do business, etc. and men have to work for women. For Mankarii, family is a normal thing. They neither honour them or disallow them. Their view of the Force can be considered similar to the Living Force.

  • Technology level: Strongly below average.

  • General behavior: Mankarii, since they are mostly trees, normally stay in their forests and live their calm, quiet lives. Though there are a few tribes which love warring, Mankarii normally stay away from that. Due to their lifestyle, they almost never meet any other people than their species-mates. Women think they are extremely important and thus, expect others to think the same.

  • History:
10,567 BBY - the first recorded history of Mankarii. At that moment, all Mankarii live in one tribe and are ruled by an absolute ruler.
10,566 BBY - Mankarii split up due to the absolute ruler’s “corruption”. Two simultaneous, autonomous Mankarii tribes exist. The Mankarii revolution starts.
10,564 BBY - Mankarii have separated into eleven tribes. Only the original tribe is still monarchic, all other tribes are theocratic.
10,563 BBY - the powerful Mankarii ruler is overthrown. The name is chosen for the original tribe: Géor Da. Géor Da becomes theocratic.
10,560 BBY - Géor Da, a Mankarii tribe, starts a war against Crystal Caves. Akat Her Nhio, the High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves is killed by Hélet, the High Priestess of Géor Da.
10,559 BBY - the war between Géor Da and Crystal Cave ends with a peace treaty signed by Net Bi, the new High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves, and Hélet.
10,555 BBY - difficulties between Crystal Caves and Géor Da rise again. Gato Nermo, a tribe of Mankarii, starts a war against the First Nation of Nàrrans.
10,550 BBY - Hélet starts the second war against Crystal Caves.
10,549 BBY - Kaphé, the High Priestess of Gato Nermo, officially starts a war against the First Nation of Nàrrans.
10,547 BBY - Kaphé and Hélet form an alliance to fight against the First Nation of Nàrrans and Crystal Caves.
10,546 BBY - Hélet is betrayed by Kaphé. The war ends with the death of her (killed by Kaphé). Peace treaty is signed by Kaphé, Net Bi and Hàk the Powerful. Kaphé gains power over Géor Da.
10,544 BBY - Kaphé is overthrown in Géor Da. Vénet becomes the new ruler of Géor Da.
10,535 BBY - the era of peace starts. During this time, not much happens in Mankarii tribes. Bascially only leaders change.
428 ABY - the Gulag Virus reaches Crystalsong. Thousands of innocent souls die due to the powerful plague.
430 ABY - Géor Da starts a war against Crystal Caves.
452 ABY - Mankarii tribes start working with Nioks to prevent the virus from reaching the forests.

708 ABY - the Gulag Plague is almost gone. Mankarii dismiss their pact of cooperation with Nioks and become completely independent again.
800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Mankarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence.
807 ABY - the war against Tatooine colony ends with the colony almost destroyed. The second era of peace starts.
836 ABY - Mankarii have returned to their silent life in forests. The human colony quickly becomes one of the major powers on Crystalsong, becoming powerful enemies of Mankarii.

Other Information: Since Mankarii are mostly plants, they are able to grow fruits and bloom. If a person visits Mankarii forests in the blooming period, they may find a powerful, beautiful scenery.

  • Notable Player-Characters: None yet.

  • Intent: I am trying to make this species to have a new, a bit different species in Chaos. It would bring new storylines and possibilities.

Matila Arkh

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Clear this up:

"Force-sensitivity - Mankarii are quite strong Force-sensitives. This doesn’t mean, that Force-sensitive to non-Force-sensitive ratio is radically different, but the Force is really important to them." - If you mean those who are Force sensitive have a strong connection to the Force then state such.

Matila Arkh

who knows?
@[member="Darth Malificete"]
Clarify that they only have a stronger connection if they're Force Sensitive, at present it reads as if each Mankarii have high sensitivity to the Force.
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