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Malphas Dyredxos.

Malphas Dyredxos

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"----Know fear, you think you do. Only within reason, is it not? I cannot show you everything, nor will I allow you to leave this station alive. So, just for a moment, allow me to discuss with you the magnitude of your failure."

-----...............L O A D I N G..............L O A D I N G.............APPROVED------GALACTIC DATABASE OPENED....-----

NAME: Malphas Dyredxos.
FACTION: The Sith Empire.
RANK: Apprentice.
AGE: Twenty three.

SEX: Male.
HEIGHT: Six feet, six inches.
WEIGHT: 230 lbs.
EYES: Luminescent orange.
HAIR: None.
SKIN: Pale white.



The subject appears to have a moderate to strong connection to the Force, as evidenced by his early displays of prowess under the handle of the Sith Empire. It's unclear just what he can do, but observers believe him to be a cunning, malicious individual that, if given the opportunity, can manipulate even the most battle hardened warriors into doing his bidding. Note that this usually doesn't work on skilled Force Sensitives, but he has been known to twist the minds of Acolytes and Students alike, even turning one or two to the ways of the dark side. Just who and in what context this was done remains unknown.

However, he does have numerous faults in his rigid dogma. Observers believe that his use of a saberstaff instead of a simple one bladed weapon suggests that, for all of his tactical prowess, is not very effective when it comes to physical confrontation. Note that he also practices Form Seven, instead of any traditional lightsaber training in order to compensate for his lack of strength physically. It's also suggested that he uses his connection to the dark side to channel his rage into his fighting and, on occasion, he may end up loosing his focus. More to come later.


It was suggested by analysts that the subject was once a normal looking humanoid before his disfigurement. After years of contacting the most arcane rituals of the Dark Side, his skin has turned a sickly pale color and most of his hair has fallen out. He compensates for this by wearing a menacing suit of armor that completely covers his face. The design seems to stretch all the way back to early Sith royalty in it's design, but we're unsure. It's meant to look not only regal, but terrifying to those who have to hear his footsteps. His tall stature gives him an advantage over smaller enemies as he's able to intimidate them easier, instead of using the Force at any given moment.


( ------------.................data recording, entry #4232. subject: dyredxos, malphas. also known as ******. )

Power. Power and fear. If you, you on the other end of this glass, ever want to know why I chose this path-----those are your reasons.

My beginnings were rather humble, a simple life in the jungles of Dromund Kaas. My parents, both highly force sensitive, taught me the ways of life as we hacked our way through the swamps in order to build a stable homestead. They told me day in, day out, that the way to achieve power was through force and intimidation. Through skill, and never letting the enemy ever know your weakness. It was here that they introduced me to the facets of the Sith dogma, and where I got my first true taste of power. I owe it to my father, a sorcerer by trade, who liked to dabble into the ancient texts of magic and alchemy from centuries old Sith Masters. He taught me that the Force was everything to everyone. That the Force would liberate me, me and my comrades, if I only gave it my undecided attention and support. My path had already been decided for me. I was to be a monster. But, in the end, I quite liked being a monster. It conjured fear, and let everyone know that I was one to be turned away from.

"Nwûl tash.
Dzwol shâsotkun.
Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.
Tyûkjontû châtsatul nu midwan.
Midwanjontû châtsatul nu asha.
Ashajontû kotswinot itsu nuyak.
Wonoksh Qyâsik nun."
-The Qotsisajak, Code of the Sith.
Thus began my journey from Dromund Kaas to the mighty center of all Sith society. Korriban. There, my skills would be tested. And I would be placed into the fire, only to burn or be forged a warrior. I will survive.




Malphas Dyredxos

New Member
Sorry, just thought that was kind of 'the norm' around here if the character list was any indication. But, no big deal. That stuff's all edited out and the bio's awaiting a longer update because it's getting late here.

Any thoughts otherwise?