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Major Faction Starting Planet #1

I suggest our home world be a jungle filled planet teeming with life.

We could also create a species for this, but that could come after the fact.

1. Very green.
2. Very lush.
3. Much Jungle.
4. Possible crazy moons.
5. Very humid.

Basically, a spazzed out Endor. Does anyone have any ideas for names?
Ohio Deep Lore Master
Okay then back to name ideas.
-Truncatis - Latin for jungle
-Altum - Latin for Deep
-lymphatus - Latin for woods, crazy, bats
-Ari Kumesi


System Reboot
here is my idea for a planet @[member="Tefoo"]

Images: http://24.media.tumblr.com/7f4031059245331faae5554c51526784/tumblr_mu9vj5BgRP1rxwcqyo1_1280.jpg {sorry i dont know who made it}

Be as descriptive and detailed as desired. Any information that does not fit a category can be added at the end.

Name: Echidna

Region: Outer
System: <System name>
Suns: 1, Nix, Yellow Dwarf
Orbital Position: habital zone,
Moons: 2 natural moons 1 artificial space station moon, Lamia, Ruby Dear, and Kharlon
Coordinates: Pending
Rotational Period: 48 hours
Orbital Period: 400 days

Class: Terrestrial Giant
Atmosphere:Type 1
Climate: Controlled to stay at Rainforrest like Biome status
Gravity: Twice standard gravity
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Pine Forrests, Rain Forrests

Native species: N/A
Immigrated species: Yuuzhan Vong
Primary languages: Basic and Vong
Government: Totalitarian
Population: 1.3 billion and counting
Demonym: Echidians
Major cities: Rata’Tosk
Major imports: Weapons, Raw materials for Vong tech,
Major exports: Creatures for gladiatorial fights and warbeasts, food,
Affiliation: The Horde

Culture: Loosely based on old traditions of the Yuuzhan Vong, however old ways have fallen to need of the Horde and its need for new members so technology and droids are slowly falling into the norm of this planet

Technology: Advanced Organic technology, advanced artificial tech as well.

History: After being hunted down and the Vong empire collapsed the Vong have made this their new home world, a place where nature and technology combine to mix the old ways and the new Tone of the Horde has been set. While Yuuzhan Vong are the dominant species of this planet all members of the Horde are welcomed here under the leader the High Prophet Dredge. The planet has become a Beacon of Hope against the tyranical Republic and the Jedi that brainwash all who come across their path.

Notable PC's: High Prophet Dredge,PRT-HRD-000 “Break”

Intent: The intent of this planet is to create a homeworld for the Vong and a base of operations for the Horde. Along with being the Shaping planet for all of the Hordes Organic Bio weapons and warbeasts. This planet will be the Capital planet of the Horde.

Chupa La'Roi

It shall not happen because @[member="Tefoo"] hath spoken.

Anyway, y'all can have whatever planet you want, I just won't be liven there lol
Ohio Deep Lore Master
Ok thule - mythology
Thanaton and Thana come from Thanatos
Darth Tenebrous comes from either greek or latin, its attach to death or a close meaning
Sith Holocrons some have the words 'In umbris potestas est' which is latin
Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku: Tyranus = Tyrant. Count comes from latin military rank Comes
Darth Cadeus - latin for slaughter or bloodshed
Anima, which is part of the force mean spirit or life force is latin
Tutaminis the force power to deflect a lightsaber with your hand is latin for defense or protect.
Many Imperial Star ships have latin names based on Roman military ranks, Preator, Quaestor, and Imperator (which is used for several names in the use other than Emperor)