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Question Major Faction starting hexes

Captain Jordan

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3. A Major Faction's is dependent on the number of people it has during it's Major Faction Application. For every 5 unique writers, the Major Faction will start with an extra hex, at a maximum of 3 starting hexes.
Looks like this rule is missing a word, perhaps it should be cloud?

Is this still a rule in force, by the way? I noticed that the Major Faction Application Template* just instructs applicants to list 3 hexes, without giving mention to the caveat about membership numbers. I haven't seen any recent major factions approved with less than 15 interested members, though, so maybe this is isn't really a problem yet, but in light of the reduced rules for the Flashpoint now I thought it was worth asking.

Considering the most recent app that was accepted had only 5 players, and accorded one hex, that pretty much answers my question. (❤u Valiens Nantaris Valiens Nantaris )

*Said template also suggests 7 members are required to start, which seems to be inaccurate as well now.
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