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Mage Guild Operations


Like Lightning
Corporation Name: Mage Guild Operations
Headquarters: Zahat’n’ira
Locations: Only Zahat’n’ira at the moment.
Operations: The Mage Guild Operations writes new books, creates runes and makes souvenirs which are promised to have magical effects on people. If needed, it will also create lightsabers, blasters and a few other things. But this only happens in rare occasions.
Rationale: After learning about Sorcery, Lilith decided she’ll have to start using it to change the world. Since she already founded a faction which will try to do it, she decided she should try another way to gain power and so she also founded Mage Guild Operations. She had learned about spells and spellbooks and also about runes, so it was the best idea to start making money with these things.
Tier: Tier 1

Description: Mage Guild Operations can be considered quite Dark Side-related. The Guild studies ancient languages, spells, runes and many other Sorcery-related things. But to gain money from doing that, the company also makes rune plates and items with rune inscriptions on them. Normally, these things are requested by someone who believes in the power of Sorcery, but these things can also be found in markets. But it’s not all what the MGO does. The company also tries to focus on Force-related things like lightsabers and staves, which are rarely made. Even rarer are other types of weapons made by this company. Normally these weapons are simple blaster-like ones.

Mage Guild Operations’ HQ, like CoS’, resides on an outer rim planet Zahat’n’ira. Although there are about two billion natives on the planet, they are not even allowed to go near the HQ. The MGO only allows Darksider workers because of the fact Sorcery is Dark Side-related.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

Small, sensible, and unique. I like this and am ready to approve. My one caveat:

Lilith Mae Lancaster said:
which are rarely made, but still in an amount which can be considered important.
Just a little contradictory in my opinion. Ax the bold part and you'll be good to go.