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Approved Starship Lucrehulk-X-class supercarrier

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  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: LH-3500 Lucrehulk-X-class supercarrier
  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi Order
  • Production: Semi-Unique (1 per writer)
  • Material: Quadanium frame, durasteel hull
  • Great point-defense
  • Great long-range firepower
  • Shields can recharge quickly if EMPs or ion weaponry are used against it
  • Detachable centrisphere allows the ship to support offensive ground operations
  • Large target from topside or underside
  • Very slow and ponderous
  • If the repulsorlift generators on the centrisphere fail, they must be repaired in orbit
  • If the centrisphere is detached or destroyed, a stray fighter, corvette (and perhaps even a rather maneuverable light frigate) or missile can destroy the exposed reactors, bringing the carrier down with it
  • Target: Because of its purpose, the supercarrier will almost always be a priority objective of almost any enemy commander
Description: Designed in an attempt to counter the MC180 Progenitor fielded by the Galactic Alliance, Ringovinda StarYards turned to the chassis of the Lucrehulk-X-class bulk freighter, finding it easier and less expensive to redesign an existing ship into a carrier than to develop a new carrier from scratch. As with its predecessor, the carrier ring cannot land on planets and take up a large proportion of the volume, and the detachable centrisphere allows it to load and unload cargo, including but not limited to, troops, on planetary surfaces. Also, the redundancy of the command-and-control facilities mean that the centrisphere and the carrier ring both have a bridge and a CIC apiece. Like the Trade Federation during the blockade of Naboo, much of the cargo space was given to the hangar space, while the remaining cargo space is used to carry ground forces alongside the vehicles they employ. However, detaching (or destroying) the centrisphere makes the carrier vulnerable to smaller, more agile ships capable of sneaking into the donut hole and able to fire a few shot at the main reactor, which would then be exposed.

To make up for its somewhat ordinary shields (strength-wise), the Lucrehulk-X sports the Haruna regenerative cap drain, which uses and absorbs enemy ion-based weapons fire to enhance the recharging of shields, thanks to its use of Hijarna stone inlays. It is also equipped with ten MIRV launchers, making it capable of overwhelming enemy point-defense with its combination of fighters and missiles. As with the original chassis, the weapons placement on the hull allows it to cover nearly every single arc: topside, underside, forward, broadside or aft, so that it is able to face enemies coming from any direction. Speaking of which, there is a dorsal hangar capable of housing 4 squadrons of attack craft as well as port and starboard forward hangars capable of housing 8 squadrons each, for a total of 20 squadrons.

Consumables: 3 years
Cargo capacity: 20 million tons
Passenger capacity: 100,000
Crew: 34,000
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