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LRDS-01 "Unseen" Artillery Walker

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Intent: To create a long-range delivery system for the CIS
Development Thread: No (upon request)
Manufacturer: Stargo Enterprises
Model: LRDS-01 “Unseen” Artillery Walker
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Modularity: Can fire many varieties of shells
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Durasteel

The Long Range Delivery System 01 “Unseen” Artillery walker is an attempt from the CIS to build an artillery walker for ground engagements. This walker was created to sit far off from the field of battle and rain fire down on enemy positions. The system is relatively simple, using a railgun firing system with rocket powered artillery shells for a maximum range that can be used for fire and forget, line of sight, fire support or orbital defense.

Due to the role of the weapon, it has an extremely thin layer of durasteel plating and relies mostly on strong ray shielding and EMP counter measures for protection. What it lacks in defense, it makes up for with powerful punch and an unrivaled range in the world of artillery. The walker has hydraulic powered legs that can burry deep into strong and soft surfaces so that the platform is stable while firing.

When using shells meant for ground based targets, the artillery weapon has a maximum range of 600 miles, that usually requires a spottor or solid coordinates to be made effective. While this range is fantastic, the farther out the target is the harder it becomes to hit mobile units. The minimum range for the weapon is 3 miles while the effective range for mobile targets is around 30 miles. After this 30 mile mark, it becomes increasingly more difficult to hit mobile targets with precision weaponry. Otherwise, structures and hard targets are easy kills for the artillery weapons as long as they aren’t intercepted along their flight path.

At any range under 30 miles, the delivery time for the weapon is 10 seconds. However, for a target at 30 miles the time increases to 15 seconds and an extra 5 seconds for every additional 10 miles. At this ratio, a target at 600 miles would have a delivery time of 1 minute and 50 seconds. A slow moving target may still be vulnerable to a precision strike, thanks to the ability for the shells to change direction in flight. However, the shells are only able to change direction in flight if they are guided by a laser painting of the
target (either by ground, space or air assets).

The weapon is solar powered, allowing it to fire continuously until its physical ammunition is exhausted. Each platform can carry 60 standard shells (Low explosive, high explosive, incendiary, bunker buster etc) with secondary holding bay for 10 additional “special impact shells” (biological, EMP, ion, etc). This weapon can have a devastating effect on the battlefield, but without any other weapons aside from the rail gun and virtually no protection aside from ray shields and particle shields, this weapon Is vulnerable unless protected by adequate AA and ground defense assets.

Role: Artillery Weapon
Height: 12 meters (with Barrel at full extension)
Length: 18 meters
Width: 24 meters
Weight: 18,568 kilograms
Propulsion: Quadra-pedal
Top Speed: 60 km/h

  • Long bore, railgun artillery cannon
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 500 kilograms
Misc. Equipment:

Ray shielding

Particles shielding

Full spectrum sensor package

Multiple laser targeting systems

Communications array

Command and control module

Seydon of Arda

Hey! For the 600 meter range? All I would ask is that there be made mention of a Spotter. I know that seems trivial in light of ordinary SW tech and such, but I've been told that it can't be called an 'Atrillery' Walker per se without that distinction. I am sorry for that nitpicking, but it's all I'm asking.
Due to a report made and concerns raised about this technology (power source and range in particular), I have pulled it from the approved section and have tagged it for review, as I do not know enough about it to make a decision on my own.

[member="Rasho the Hutt"] - please review & let me know.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
This submission is denied on the grounds of its potential for abuse. Mass-produced perfect accuracy against anything stationary, at six hundred miles, using guided shells from a heavily shielded sniper rifle the size of a starfighter, might be technically possible in a high-tech civilization, but is certainly very, very, very unbalanced in a Star Wars setting.

This is not to disparage the original judge, who was not an artillery expert and who was apparently relying on incorrect advice. Moreover, this weapon's general brokenness is more apparent now that it's been used. The manner of its proven use is more than sufficient grounds for denial.

Also the transit time math is off.