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Approved Tech LPD-74 Enforcer Stun Baton

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  • Intent: To provide a modern stun baton-like weapon in Lucerne Personal Defense's catalogue
  • Image Source: here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: stun baton
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Impact Weapon: While the shock pulse emitter does provide most of the Enforcer's utility, even without any power, the Enforcer is a fairly competent bludgeoning weapon because of its dense, ultrachrome construction. While small and compact, the head of the Enforcer is weighted compared to the handle, allowing it to be whipped around with a surprising amount of force. This construction also makes it a fairly effective parrying weapon, even against lightsabers.
  • Electroshock Weapon: Like most stun batons, the Enforcer delivers an electrical charge to targets that it hits. Unlike some stun batons, the Enforcer doesn't actually require physical contact to deliver its shock, as the Mark IV energy cell allows lightning-like energy to "jump" several centimeters away from the weapon's tip to the target. This means that near misses may still have some effect on the target. Perhaps more importantly for law enforcement personnel, this means that nonlethal shocks can be administered with less chance of inflicting physical trauma on targets they're trying to subdue or control. It's worth noting that while many metal based armors can easily protect against the kinetic impact of the baton, they might easily act as a conductor for the Enforcer's electrical charge, allowing the Enforcer's users to still subdue their armor-wearing targets.
  • Variable Power Charge: Much like the earlier Merr-Sonn Stun Baton, the Enforcer's electrical charge can adjusted by the user. On the Enforcer, this is done by an easily accessible slide control located on the outside of the grip handle on the guard side - this allows it to be quickly adjusted on the fly during use. The shock delivered by the Enforcer can range from just a barely noticeable tingle to full power, which can easily electrocute most organics to death or fry the circuits of a droid with only several seconds of contact. Most times, however, law enforcement officers choose a more intermediate setting, which delivers enough electric current to cause severe debilitating pain and muscle spasms with little to no permanent damage to their targets. Bringing the power level up slightly more can result in delivering a charge that knocks most organics unconscious but again, without serious permanent damage (unless that charge is delivered directly to the heart or some other organs).
  • Variable Electric Charge: The Enforcer's ability to use a range of electrical charges makes it fairly versatile, easily acting as a nonlethal 'means of persuasion' to discharging an electrical current upon impact that can quickly eliminate most person sized threats.
  • Short Reach: The Enforcer is a very compact weapon, which gives it very little reach compared to many other melee weapons.
Stun batons have a long, storied history in the galaxy, being viewed both as a righteous instruments of the law on some worlds to hated symbols of oppression on others. While there are many varieties of these weapons, the LPD-74 Enforcer is designed primarily as a back-up law enforcement weapon. Its small size allows it to be easily clipped on to most uniforms without it getting in the way of too much of other accoutrements like pistol holsters, comlinks, stun cuffs, and the like. When in actual use, the Enforcer differs little in basic use from most of its contemporaries, aside from this smaller size. The Enforcer does have a small number of refinements over its competitors, however, that make it one of the more attractive options on the market.

Perhaps the most important of these, unlike some competitors, the Enforcer's electric charge can be easily adjusted by the user while in use. This makes continuum of force protocols much easier to follow - if a disobedient rioter suddenly pulls out a blaster pistol, the stun baton user can immediately have a lethal option in his hands with the push of the slider. The baton's heavy ultrachrome construction is another edge. Not only is it dense, but when electrified, it allows the user to also absorb energy into the weapon's powercell, whether that's another electroshock weapon or a lightsaber blade. The other little innovation is the use of Mark IV powercell, which produces small strands of lightning around the baton's bludgeoning half not unlike the tip of a forcepike. This allows users to use electric shocks against an opponent without having to resort to using physical impact to deliver them, useful in subduing opponents without inflicting possible lethal, physical trauma.

Like most stun batons, the Enforcer is primarily sold to law enforcement and military organizations. However, many worlds have laxer laws about civilians possessing melee weapons compared to guns like blasters and slugthrowers, which means that it's often sold to civilians looking for protection against low level criminals like muggers. Its ability to quietly and nonlethally incapacitate organics also makes it useful as a covert weapon by commandoes and intelligence agents looking to capture important organic targets such as enemy leaders.
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