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Lots of updates now and coming soon!


Best Onion
I was going to send this via mass message... but it's being quirky, so I will post it here!

So, as you know I'm back from LOA and starting to get things back together. As most of you know, the board wipe has effectively wiped the last three months of threads. We did an aggressive attempt to save as much as we could, but anything updated since August was lost if it wasn't cached. As such, I had to recreate a lot of things, on the list being the member-list, commendations, roster, and some of the information in the Resources and Information

As such, I would ask that all who are active or seeking to be active once again please post in the check in here.

New Check In!

For those who don't know, if a character has been inactive ( not posting at all ) for more than two months, I remove them from the memberlist, so please, if you are interested in remaining or getting active again, check in! We need to know where we are in our activity so we can work effectively as a faction! It all begins with YOU!

We also created a new skype chat as I was having issues with the former. ( it wasn't sending messages, and as a mod, i can't easily be removed and be added again and still maintain modding privileges) I closed the old Skype chat and have used the check in to add any OP character interested in the Skype chat medium to communicate with the rest of the faction. Once you checked in, feel free to post here to be added to it.

New Skype Chat

I have also updated our most active faction thread list here:

Highlighting our most active faction threads! Please join!

Feel free to check them out and join us! We currently have one active Dominion, the Marks of Chaos II (Bando Gora Reaver story arc), and a thread detailing the building of a hyperlane called "The Casino Run" within Omega Space.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me here, via PM, or Skype at "Sillieillie1", or feel free to post it on the board. We are pushing activity and will be discussing where we are going and where you, as the member base, would like us to go!

Thank you once again!


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I have the only Nickname as my tag name, BTW I'm back, sorry for having left, work destroyed my sleep schedule and I wasn't able to stay awake for longer then a few hours. But now I'm back and rested up. Just in time for the holidays