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Lost In Space


Purple Haze
This is an apologeticonfusionotsurewhatI'mdoing thingymabobajiggery.

In recent months?



My memory's horrible, sorry.

Anyhow, in recent times, I've completely lost touch with the site/community. I've no clue who anyone is, what factions are what and where things are going. I've posted in threads, but they've been irrelevant to the main plot/story/canon of this site. So, I'd like to make a point? question? statement.

What the bloody hell am I doing, where are things going and more importantly--

Who the hell are any of you?
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Who the hell are any of you?
I'm sexy

What the bloody hell am I doing?
Getting information

Currently the War for Valan is ongoing, the Axis powers have broken apart, Suns and Republic are in an invasion, the sith have a new new emperor, the Republic has a new chancellor and new articles, the Republic is turning more proactive.