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Looking to reboot Phantom...


Hi all - this is my first character, Phantom. The second is someone you may know more, Ben Trasker.

I ditched Phantom for fear he wasn't appealing in the RP world but after some more days and getting used to the RP site here, I want to give him a chance and see if he can bring some good stuff to the boards.

I'm looking for anyone who wants to RP, or has an RP they can feel Phantom can be part of.

He's not a Force User, and he was a lawman until he was betrayed and wounded in action. Now he is a lost spirit and takes the law into his own hands for those who pay well and can convince him they need a problem "eliminating".

He has a strange vision of what the galaxy could be without corruption in it and he currently has no Faction to his name but will side with those who can offer him a path forward and use his skill as a fighter, a navigator and someone who has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Thanks for you time - hope there's something out there for me...


Jack Sparrow

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My suggestion: join the Bounty Hunter's Guild and only take jobs that specify Wanted Dead or Alive. It'll give you comrades as well as a place to base yourself, find work, and hang around with like-minded reprobates. And I should know, because I am one.