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Looking to Explore

Jake Awaud

Evaar'la Awaud

I am still Flushing out the gear for this guy, but am interested in looking for fun and interesting trouble to get this guy in. Mostly interested in exploring and finding new and dangerous places to get into, but I am always up for some other ideas. :D


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
I'm treasure huntin' myself. Been visiting various planets to get a friggin crystal thats supposed to "fit me" for my lightsaber pike. Won't sweat ya with any details as to why. Just that its a pain in the cargo hold.

[member="Jake Awaud"]
[member="Jake Awaud"]
I don't know if I'm too late at this point, but I would totally be down to join in on this. I'm new on here and just looking for ways to get into some roleplay for a few reasons, just to figure out this character and where I want to go with him you know. But anyway I think he would be a good fit for this kind of adventure, if you'll have me.
[member="Jake Awaud"]

I would be very willing for any of the activities you mentioned, whether it be discovering new planets with new ecosystems and resources or taking down pirate crews