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Looking to do some threads on just about anything

Farlon Orbit

Tough, Disciplined, Die-hard.
So this was my original account, and I really liked the character, but I had one I liked even more and sorta abandoned this one, but now that the other one is dead, I'd really like to expand and RP with my forgotten original.

Here is some background on him; (The Character Bio is very old and not very good, I'm making a new one)

A fairly average clone trooper captured by a Separatist scientist, a fairly mad one at that. For several years during and after the war he was tested on with little success and eventually carbon frozen for later experiments that never came to fruition to due to the scientist's premature death in the employment of the Empire. So frozen for 800 years, wakes up due to scavengers only to find his fellow squad mates all dead or gone. After some recovery time, he became a mercenary as was was all he knew for 6 years, as a freelancer and in the employment of mercenary company. After having a morality crisis, he has receded from the mercenary game mostly, only doing some jobs if he deems it for the good of the galaxy, and just doing morally good things. Although, despite all this, what he is really trying to find, is a home, a place in the galaxy, a hard objective when programmed for quite the opposite. Throughout all this, he suffers from damaged organs, erratic aging, and PTSD.

A whole barrel of fun if you ask me,

So please, reply your interest and lets thread!

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