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Looking for Major Faction

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
I usually like to get involved with a major faction to help out where I can and meet new groups of writers to write and have fun with. But normally that can get tricky seeing how Blonde is a crime lord and head of her own minor faction.

But if you want the galaxy's most successful crime lord on your side then I'd love to have an audition. Show me what you got!
[member="Miss Blonde"]

Yes, hello. As you can see by my robes, I am a member of the Galactic Alliance, and we would love to have you. Please feel free to join all of our threads with all of your friends, as soon as possible.
[member="Miss Blonde"] while the evil alignment is not a good fit for us, if you wanted to have / comm some capers in out territory that would be fine, (as long as you give us an OOC heads up and all first)

Tanomas Graf

[member="Miss Blonde"]

Mend the wounds from our past and join the Empire.

Join me, and together, we will destroy those who stand against us and conquer the Galaxy!

Also, I have the face and granddad jokes.

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