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Looking for Interfaction Diplomacy

Butch Mahan

Si vis pacem, para bellum
So I'm just looking to do some threads concerning my faction, the Security and Customs Regulation, and any others, minor, major, I just want to do some diplomacy of any sort.

To give some background on the SCR; the Security and Customs Regulation is a neutral faction looking to bring the chaotic and criminal Hutt Space into law and order, and securing the large influx of trade that goes through it. The "government" itself is a Military Junta with one senior among them, but the whole organization is regarded as an independent law enforcement agency, funded by taxing imports and exports to the region it controls, as well as other sources. In practice, the is a mix between double agents (For crime cartels/syndicates), corrupt/self serving officials, and honest do-gooders trying to bring the region into a secure and orderly era. The SCR is very intent on keeping a great amount of diplomatic interaction with other governments/political entities because of the faction's reliance on trade, foreign and domestic.

So please, comment below and we can start a thread up. Thanks!

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