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Looking for a uh- Master!

Testing out my new Jedi Character- I'm looking for a master (Yes even at knight-hood) If being a knight is a problem I can always bump it down to Padawan to have it more beneficial and reasonable for having a master and such!

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
I can help you out if you are in need of a master, been trying to stretch my legs a little bit and I am sure you could do the same for your arms. [member="Arkien Trithion"]
[member="Alexandra Feanor"]

So how should we start this confrontation of both knight and master- I'm not that good w/ figuring out ideas maybe they meet in a task given by the order- or just generally lounging around as Jedi I guess?
[member="Alexandra Feanor"]

Alrighty- I'm not that- how do i say this- Good at writing threads or finding them more or say- do you mind finding one and or creating one for the both of us to accomplish or open to invite more people?