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Looking for a Slicer


I am looking to hire a professional slicer. The job details are simple. You get hired, you'll be put on payroll, and paid bonuses for each individual, successful job you are given. You'll also have access to top of the line ships and equipment. All that's required of you is to join ORCA, be on call for anything at any time, and contract your services exclusively to me.

Edit: I should note now that you may be expected to do work in the aide of or against certain factions, so IC bias must be at an absolute zero.

IC Benefits:
High Figure Pay
Access to High-End Equipment

OOC Benefits:
Plenty of Missions
Support in Other Endeavors

Rayn H'voc

I was in until I was told that i have to join some whaling industry.


Not a who, but a what. It's an organization. With all due OOC respect, you're being offered contract to slice, not to attend a seminar about it. Seeing as how you've expressed interest in the offer, you probably know you're in an industry that rarely yields immediate answers and cherishes secrets.

Darth Torment

Might I reccomend the best of them all @[member="Jak Sandrow"]


Thanks, but Jak Sandrow is on my hitlist... literally.

We were supposed to be, err, married but - um... things went along faster than expected and it wasn't necessary! Anyways, yeahhh... probably best to keep him away from me for... reasons and stuff.