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Looking for a Master

Gnost Karr

The title says it all. This character originated as an NPC for my main character Kian Karr. But I've been wanting to get him up to Knighthood and would like to work with another Jedi to do this. I've always liked working from padawan to knight through training but, more importantly, going on missions with my master.

I'm looking for a lightside Jedi who is interested in taking Gnost along on missions or if they are in a dominion or invasion Gnost would tag along to get much needed training/experience before progressing him to knighthood. Gnost is an academic leaning Jedi but one that has done work with Kian on Jedi Shadow related missions. I'm styling him after Gnost-Dural, noted as a scholar but also a formidable opponent.

Let me know if you're interested and we can gauge fit! I'd be especially interested in working with another non-human Jedi though I'm open to anything!


[member="Gnost Karr"]

*Wookiee noises*

"((Always looking to pass on what I have learned, youngling.))"

Gnost Karr

[member="Mikilanna Mihaly"] | [member="Chalbacca"]

If either of you want to have any interact with Gnost presently, I've got a thread going where Kian Karr is captured and Gnost is leading a group of Jedi into combat to rescue him. We are just getting to the point where Kian is captured and Jedi are meeting up with Gnost to plan the rescue so it is the perfect time to jump in.