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Looking for a Master...and not in the Jedi Way

Alright, the first time was a flop, so let's try again.

The first attempt with a rp set up and a LFG thread as well, was to get an owner/controller/Master/etc. for this character. Bachoocabra is basically a Blue, Mutated Wampa with the normal Wampa brain replaced with a Wookie brain. He's taller, Heavier, and many other things different about Bachoocabra compared to normal Wampas. If you are indeed interested in needing this Wampa for anything, just let me know via this...Oh, and if you are indeed interested, Bachoocabra's currently on Hoth hanging with a bunch of other Wampas in the abandoned Echo have fun with that.
[member="Bachoocabra"] - I've got a big storyline planned that will put a few odd characters together on a ship if you're interested, though the goal I would need to discuss in PM. That being said, the ORC are pretty good people to RP with as well.
[member="Bryce Bantam"] Bachoocabra isn't good with playing with other Wampas so No thank you.

[member="Doctor Bramhall"] If you want this one, then come on over to Hoth...but seriously, Pm me for info.

[member="Cedric Grayson"] I might be...just send me the goal so then I can determine wither I will want to join in or not.
[member="Satia"] Maybe I can kill 2 little birds with one big stone. I'll help out [member="Cedric Grayson"] on Hoth, and then go with either you, or the good [member="Doctor Bramhall"]

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