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Looking for a few good Mandalorians

As a tie in to this thread - [Looking for some Sith Lords]

A story arch has been planned and is slowing unfolding. Preparations for House Syrush to claim Aldraig IV are being made and material gathered for the coming conflict.

To further this story, I am looking for a few good Mandalorians (though a clan would be more preferred in the long run).

The reasoning behind this is that House Syrush would be hiring the Mandalorian Clan to serve as a form of Auxiliaries, specifically a core Shocktrooper force to be sent against the more fortified sections.

For a bit of backstory. House Syrush would be reclaiming Aldraig IV from a cult called 'The Order of the Beast' a group that worships the Sith as gods and believes their acts of brutality will bring the Sith back to Aldraig IV. Thus a more Anti-Sith Mandalorian Clan would be preferred for this story.

Payment would be agreed upon through contractual negotiations (which could include land on Aldraig IV, specific grants or rights to certain mineral or resources, etc etc).

Any takers?

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