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Looking for a detailed writer to kill

So I am going to remake this character as a Mandalorian. I want to do something special with it and instead of having him start as a grunt seeking training and such, I wanted to start him with a slave arc. Opening with him as a slave already under a ruthless slaver character. We roleplay this out to really paint the picture then bring in an escape which ends with the Mandalorian character killing the slaver in a not so pretty way. To do this right I am looking for someone who can write and compelling story and write more than a few sentences and make them literate. IE make them grammarly correct. Being someone with dyslexia and reading misspellings it makes it that much harder to read. I don't want to just knock this out quickly, but build a compelling, emotional story. The slaver can be a new account for you or whatever. Just there will be blood in the end. :p
[member="Nick Imura"]

Kind of both. A written character, but not established. One made for this purpose. So yes a PC character Isle that a player writes it, but a new one made for this purpose rather than someone's personal character.


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I can possibly throw my hand this way. PM me with some particulars you are looking for and i will see if i can make it happen.

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Still looking at the moment. I don't expect someone to let me kill their character they worked on. I can make the slaver, I just need someone to write him.

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