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List of Chaos Locations?

I am not sure if it has been done before but inspired from [member="Fatty"]'s list of events, @Lilliane's list of planetary governors and [member="Raziel"]'s / staff Map Index, I was thinking of compiling a list of chaos subbed locations.

To simplify what I am saying is - using the Map Index to my advantage, I'd have something like this:

  • Geographic Landmarks:
    Not Really Grand Canyon
  • Weird Rock Formation

  • Not Really El Dorado
  • Cheaper New York City

  • Carach's Penthouse of Secrets
  • The Great Pyramid of the Spreadsheet Lord

This is just a basic example, mainly to give you a better picture of what I am aiming for.

This thread, as the title hints, is just to see if I can muster enough support and if I do I will slap a new thread up where you can link me all your subs and technically make the list itself.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
[member="Vitor Avendahl"]

I like this idea. This helps me to not-recreate a location on a planet. As an added bonus, it might give me ideas as to tweek previous submissions (No Copy-Catting, just improving on something I like) for future submissions. You have my support!
This sounds like a good project for the community.

Also you know what?

If people have been tagging their locations right I'd be willing to add a link to the map index to all threads tagged with a given planet name.
[member="Vitor Avendahl"]

I'm not going to maintain a list of locations for a given planet in the map index.

However, I will look into adding a [tagged threads] link to take people directly to any threads with the title of the location in the thread.

If the community wants to build and maintain a list then that's great :)
This is actually a larger project on the list of things that will be part of LORE in Codex. You may make a list if you want, but eventually there will be an official list maintained by the Codex.

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