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Approved Starship Linked "Shoulder Bash" Bomber

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Lorekeeper Saga

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  • Intent: To create a stealth bomber freighter.
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Q-Ship Stealth Bomber
  • Length: 40 Meters
  • Width: 14 Meters
  • Height: 25 Meters
  • Armament: High
    Three Dual Blaster Turrets
    Twin Spread Proton Bomb Launchers (36 Bombs total, 18 a piece)
  • Defenses: Low
    Shield Generator
  • Squadron Count: None (1)
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: High
    SubLight Acceleration Motor
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average
All Standard Features Except:
SubLight Acceleration Motor
Twin Spread Proton Bomb Launchers

NightBlind 472: When it was first created, the worry of piracy groups trying to identify if the ship was armed caused alarm. This required the NightBlind 472 to be installed, allowing it to only be scanned properly when less than half a kilometer away from the target.
Nightshadow: This is required to hide the Photon Bomb launchers that are on the sides, concealed as engine generators.
S-c4.1 multi-range TAG: Required for the turret gunners and main pilot to keep targets on check and separate.

  • Disguised Bomber: It is disguised as a Light Freighter, allowing it to be used in bombing sensitive targets such as stations and facillities
  • High Explosives on Target: Due to the cluster effect, it can give massive damage against a stationary target.
  • SLAM: Due to the need to get out once exposed, the SLAM was installed to make a quick escape from the station before jumping into Hyperspace.
  • Turning Problems: Due to the engines on left and right side being removed, it can barely turn, making a ninety degree turn take almost thirty seconds if going at half speed.
  • One Chance Payload: When it exposes its payload, it drops all of it at once. If you miss, then you do not have a second chance and must rearm.
  • Weak Deflector Shield: Due to the power input from the SLAM and Nightblind 472, it reduces the efficiency of the deflector shields by 50%.
Born from the idea of bombing select piracy targets, the transport was concieved from abandoned designs from old generations past. As one of the first designs from Hot Destruction Company, they made do with what they had. The NightBlind 472 and S-c4.1 multi-range TAG was from requistioned supplies and was installed with good haste with engines being overhauled with Spread Photon Bomb Launchers, hidden in the compartments. However the scanners on each test run revealed their payload before getting to close, requiring a coating of Nightshadow. While it was expensive, it allowed them to pass by regular scanners and stations that were the test targets.

On the eve of the true test, the SLAM was installed as a last notice as the speed was a constant issue after dropping the payload. When the Linked "Shoulder Bash" Bomber was sent out for its maiden voyage, it select a XQ-1 station for its target with the crew count of six people. Getting close for a docking procedure, the engine sides concealing the cluster bombs spinned downward and fired its full payload, destroying a large section of the station and exposing the station, quickly afterwards using the SLAM to get out of the area of combat then hyper out. Considering it a success, it was put into production and has been a slight success in certain regions though rumors of pirates using them has caused concern as of late.
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