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LF a Signature for my new Serennoan Count

So my new Character is a Count of Serenno and a Jedi Apprentice. I like to use Noctis, and sometimes Cloud Strife as a playby but I prefer him edited with black hair.

I'm requesting a tasteful signature preferably using the pic below.

Here are a few key things that can be added into the sig for some his personal effects.

  • A winter background (He was born and raised in the Mountains of Serenno.)
  • A white lightsaber (His family has Jedi training.)
  • A tasteful nobility background (He is a noble and his house colors are Black and Teal.
  • If fitting, his full name and title, Count Adron Malvern.

I would appreciate anyone who takes the time to construct this for me. Again everything above is merely preference and is not required, if you have something in mind please produce because I may love it!

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