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  1. Seraph Sin

    Avatar and Signature request

    Could someone make a avatar using these two images: https://cdn.novelupdates.com/images/2019/05/58374531_2318200141754436_2254639723370774528_n.jpg https://preview.redd.it/64cixuertbf31.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=189607742223f0492c0c0758948da042cdb6abed I would like to use the male...
  2. M

    Anyone want to help make a flag?

    (X) So, I'm just looking for some help making this into a flag. Really all I know is I want it to include red, blue, and lots of white. Maybe a white flag, blue trimming, with the red eagle in the center? Feel free to improvise or throw out your own ideas!
  3. Curtis Learchin

    Signature edit

    So I was hoping that someone could help me with a signature edit. At the moment its a bit bare, and would like it if it matched my profile picture a bit more. I was thinking of having a similar ember/smoking effect to the signature if possible. Image can be found below: URL...
  4. Sahktan

    Signature request

    It would be super dope if someone with the time were to try making a basic sig for me :) seeing as i am not skilled art wise. Basically I would like a simple signature that implements my character into a gif like this one with this style but taller, And this is the character :) would greatly...
  5. Thom Naudir

    Signature Request

    Hello! So, I use to have a signature for Thom but he got adopted into a new family and the names don't quite line up any more, so I was wondering if someone could help me out. My only requests would be that his name and maybe a wolf design be in the signature. If anyone can help, it would be...
  6. Aovinr

    Aovinr Style Redraw

    If anyone has the time, I'd like Aovinr's reference picture to be redrawn in a more Star-Wars like style. Body Description Armor Description I know this may take some time to happen, but I will appreciate everyone who gives it a shot!
  7. R

    Avatar Request

    Need something simple from the lovely creative people on the site. OR Either one, thanks for the help.
  8. J

    Creepy Signature Request

    Not having much luck trying to size this image to fit for a signature on my mobile. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  9. Custani Valcho

    Signiture and Avatar Request

    Hey! I need something new for Custani. At the moment he is this old man however as I begin to transfer into my new role I would like for him to have some better art to work with. Maybe using Purple as he is a Confederate Viceroy? Can someone hook me up?
  10. BobertEZ

    Signature Request

    Hello! I am in need of a cool signature for my character here. If possible, I would like this picture with the red background replaced with these flames Thank you so much to whoever can grant this request!
  11. C

    Signature and Avatar Combo

    If anyone is available, could I please have a new signature/avatar combination utilizing these two pictures, please. For the Signature For the Avatar
  12. Darth Koaaon

    Signature Request

    Hello wonderful people! Can I get a signature based off of this please? You have complete creative freedom, Tell me is anything is wrong with the pictures I chose or anything!
  13. Krognak Ikgnath

    Character Profile dividers, and possible avatar border?

    My Request; Hiya! I hate to bother everyone here but I was looking for character profile dividers for my character, he's going to be jedi-oriented and a gentle giant. Any type of dividers will do (just not anything with overly evil overtones!) I just want to be able to fancy up my profile a bit...
  14. Subject 73 Red

    Avatar Request

    Hi. Seeing as you're here and that you read the title, you must be here to help me with my avatar, if not, then stop wasting your time here! Anyways, I want an avatar made ready for this site. I already have the image, it's a gif...
  15. Aharon’Ra

    Signature Request

    May I request a signature using these (if the spine rip is too much Ill change it) and yes I understand it is heavily based on the Predator, cause I loved the movie If anyone can do it thank you
  16. Horus Vespasian

    Avatar Request

    Greetings dear artists! I hope someone can help me with the following request: I would like to get this character: Onto this background: https://imgur.com/a/xPU2oWn Totally fine if the back is not entirely visible, I imagined the character being atop the symbol with only edges/borders being...
  17. R

    Avatar Request

    Just need some help involving a gif and a picture. (The gif is already formatted for Chaos, in the 150 x 150 format) (The image is most likely wayyy to large, if it needs to be resized I can do it if you need it) And most likely a clear border around it, if that isn't too hard. Thank you...
  18. Y

    Signature Request

    I don't really have any images for it other than the one in my bio, but I honestly think a signature without that would be better. Maybe just a graphic of some serene sort of background that is shattering like glass? No words, just that broken mirror effect. I'd be grateful to whomever could do it.
  19. Kyrel Ren

    Looking for a simple Signature

    Hello all, been really hyped with Episode IX lately, and been looking for a new signature. Looking for a new signature to replace the old one I have. So if anyone wants to help me out and whip something up real quick I would really appreciate it! :) Looking for someone to make something cool...
  20. V

    Profile Pic

    Anybody interested in possibly making me a cool Gungan bard profile picture?