Star Wars RP

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  1. Valery Noble

    Private A difficult request

    Location: Silver Rest Valery: Appearance Outfit: Factory Link Ship: Factory link Tag: Aayla Shan Finally recovered from her encounter with Persephone Ambrosia on Coruscant, Valery was given permission to leave the hospital and return to her duties. But before she would travel back to the...
  2. Har Har De'Qorsayr

    Flair request: Weirdo

    Would someone be able to create a new flair for me that says "Weirdo" and incorporate an image of Gonzo the Great? This is the image I was thinking of, but let me know if it doesn't work for your and I'll search out other options. I know it's going to be a lot smaller, which is fine, stylize to...
  3. Vrun Ryssic

    Request Opening Post Template

    Vrun Ryssic is a Bounty Hunter who getss hiss thrill from the chasse more sso than the actual completion of a job, and sso when thinking about how he would go about hunting bounties, it crossed my mind that he would likely send them a message ahead of hiss arrival encouraging hiss prey to try...
  4. Jake Daniels

    Bio and Post Template

    Hi, I was wondering if there were free to use bio templates and rp post templates? Something fun since I’ve seen loads of profiles and rp posts have these beautiful post template Graphics. I’ve looked around but forgive my ignorance but I wasn’t able decipher what’s free to use and isn’t. I...
  5. Commodore Burtch

    Amendment request

    Hello, I was wondering if I could amend the Big Cat Gatling Lazer Cannon so that it was open market instead of closed market? thank you!
  6. Darth Vird

    Request Faction Banner Request

    Hey I need a banner for my new faction, the Sith Imperium as I have just created the faction, I would really appreciate it
  7. Barefu Shysa

    Request Template Request for a profile

    Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening; I was hoping someone could help me with a profile template for a new character. Preferably with a color scheme that is mostly green and black. At your leisure artists and coders!
  8. Caltin Vanagor

    Request A very simple request

    I would do this myself if I had the software. Could I get a very bright purple saber blade on them? The only "tricky" part is keeping the "Katana blade" up to where "light blade" starts? Anybody? Judah Lesan ? Beltran Rarr ? Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir ? I'll beg... I will... :D
  9. Seraph Sin

    Avatar and Signature request

    Could someone make a avatar using these two images: I would like to use the male...
  10. M

    Anyone want to help make a flag?

    (X) So, I'm just looking for some help making this into a flag. Really all I know is I want it to include red, blue, and lots of white. Maybe a white flag, blue trimming, with the red eagle in the center? Feel free to improvise or throw out your own ideas!
  11. Curtis Learchin

    Signature edit

    So I was hoping that someone could help me with a signature edit. At the moment its a bit bare, and would like it if it matched my profile picture a bit more. I was thinking of having a similar ember/smoking effect to the signature if possible. Image can be found below: URL...
  12. Sahktan

    Signature request

    It would be super dope if someone with the time were to try making a basic sig for me :) seeing as i am not skilled art wise. Basically I would like a simple signature that implements my character into a gif like this one with this style but taller, And this is the character :) would greatly...
  13. Thom Naudir

    Signature Request

    Hello! So, I use to have a signature for Thom but he got adopted into a new family and the names don't quite line up any more, so I was wondering if someone could help me out. My only requests would be that his name and maybe a wolf design be in the signature. If anyone can help, it would be...
  14. Aovinr

    Aovinr Style Redraw

    If anyone has the time, I'd like Aovinr's reference picture to be redrawn in a more Star-Wars like style. Body Description Armor Description I know this may take some time to happen, but I will appreciate everyone who gives it a shot!
  15. R

    Avatar Request

    Need something simple from the lovely creative people on the site. OR Either one, thanks for the help.
  16. J

    Creepy Signature Request

    Not having much luck trying to size this image to fit for a signature on my mobile. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  17. Custani Valcho

    Signiture and Avatar Request

    Hey! I need something new for Custani. At the moment he is this old man however as I begin to transfer into my new role I would like for him to have some better art to work with. Maybe using Purple as he is a Confederate Viceroy? Can someone hook me up?
  18. BobertEZ

    Signature Request

    Hello! I am in need of a cool signature for my character here. If possible, I would like this picture with the red background replaced with these flames Thank you so much to whoever can grant this request!
  19. C

    Signature and Avatar Combo

    If anyone is available, could I please have a new signature/avatar combination utilizing these two pictures, please. For the Signature For the Avatar
  20. Darth Koaaon

    Signature Request

    Hello wonderful people! Can I get a signature based off of this please? You have complete creative freedom, Tell me is anything is wrong with the pictures I chose or anything!