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Lewis VI Of York

NAME: Lewis VI Of York

RANK: Noble Explorer


AGE: 23

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11


EYES: Grey

HAIR: Black

SKIN: White

One knows not of the adventures that may take place in life
Early Life
Lewis was born to a declining noble family of Naboo. While his family was declining Lewis was still afforded all the luxuries and education befitting his class. Lewis was a natural explorer like his father who his mother blamed for the families hardships. His father was always going out into wild space looking for new thinks to explore and discover. While Lewis would miss his father greatly during his trips the things his father brought back would amaze Lewis for hours. Always there was a downside to his father's adventures at first the family could handle the cost of them, but soon with constant war across the galaxy, the financial struggles would bring the family into debt. With the debt the family owed Lewis saw less and less of his mother and father until he would only see them on special occasions.

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