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Let's rob a bank together.

Y'know, as a family.

So, I've decided to commence stage two of the Vandermolen Estate project, gathering the funds. And what better way to do it than taking the money from the FO.

So I'm planning on making a thread (Private or Public, not decided) where a crack-team of ORC lads 'borrow' some FO money so Leo can actually repair the Estate we discovered awhile back. Post here and tag if you're interested in something like that.
[member="Leo Vandermolen"] sounds like fun Leo i am still kinda new but who says no to robbing a bank , the only part i do not like is the ""some FO money"" in for a penny in for a pound i say you take a dollar or you take it all they will be just as mad either way might as well clean them out and steal a few ships from the space port on the way out.

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