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Lets get this cat back in the game

I am no pole dancing kitty for lonely men to snuggle up to at nights @[member="Dranok Lussk"]. Now if ladies want a pole dancing kitty to snuggle up to that is a different question. lol
Listen sweetheart, you don't need to put no bounty on my head to warm your bed. I be just a call away and possibly a hyperjump or two. Either way, you call i will be their.
Guess I am sorry for not warming your bed in the past. No reason to be nasty with this cat.......... we can still do business. All professional like, right?@[member="Domino"]
25k sounds tempting. Need some details on what you want my crew to be doing for that kind of Mula? Let you know the lot that i have thus far seem more suited for trading blaster bolts instead of Diplomatic dullness. @[member="Domino"]

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