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Approved Starship Let'lesceti II-Class Corvette

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  • Adapted spitfire rapid-fire laser cannons, which now utilize Chiss maser tech in a dual-configuration
  • Targeting Computers calibrated for rapid acquisition & starfighter attack/defense screening
  • The Let'lesceti II, modeled after the C90 Corvette, is a considerably stronger compared to it's predecessor.
  • Numerous rapid-fire dual-maser cannons that operate at low power and excel at taking down high-speed starfighters.
  • Carries a single dorsal-mounted heavy megamaser cannon for more armored fighter/bomber variants.
  • Small attack range
  • Limited offensive capabilities against anything larger than small craft
  • The Chiss Hyperdrive navicomputer systems are susceptible to interdiction effects.
  • Prominent bridge make obvious target.
  • Limited front line combat capability, easily overpowered by larger vessels with longer ranged weaponry.
  • Rear of vessel more vulnerable to attack, with limited weaponry angling that direction.
The CR90 Let'lesceti-Class Corvette is a common sight within the Chiss Ascendancy, used within the CEDF and House Phalanxes, and primarily serves as an anti-starfighter support vessel. It is not uncommon to see this ship on the edges of a Chiss fleet, providing defense screens for larger vessels against starfighter squadrons. The most notable feature is the replacement of previous laser cannons to numerous spitfire rapidfire dual-maser cannons, ideal for outputting high fire rates with low power consumption. Due to the specialized anti-starfighter role the Let'lesceti plays, Chiss engineers felt maintaining the slower moving and slower firing cannons wasn't conducive to performing the task. There remains a single heavy megamaser cannon on the dorsal emplacement, allowing the Let'lesceti to fire at heavier fighter/freighter variants if required; but using the cannon drains power reserves rapidly, requiring slower burst fire, rather than sustained fire.

Equipped with the new standards of the Chiss Ascendancy, including targeting and signaling systems and hyperdrives, the Let'lesceti is a more modern CR90 model that is capable of performing well in present battlefields. Not only have the armor, systems and power supplies been updated, but the techs went a step further and calibrated the Let'lesceti systems to be ideal for starfighter engagements. This did cost the Corvette the mid-to-long range capacity it is usually known for, but balance had to be maintained. Keeping with Chiss standards, conner net warhead tubes have been included in the armament.

Since the reemergence of the Chiss Ascendancy, the new Let'esceti II has been modernized to stay within standards of the CEDF. Most of the improvements have been for the defensive capabilities of the Let'esceti II. The hull has been replaced with impervium, a metal known for it's resilience. In addition to this, more powerful shield generators were installed within the ship, allowing the shields to take a much more serious beating before being depleted. These recent upgrades now allow the Let'esceti II survive longer in prolonged combat, making it much more effective at it's anti-starfighter role.
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