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Let the games begin...


Listen up out there. Benny's talkin' to ya!​
The show is about to start and Stratosphere is about to open for business! I just need some personnel to help me run this shindig.​
Yeah, yeah. You'll get paid probably but that's besides the point.​
Free drinks​
Free room​
Free girls or men. Whatever your preference is...​
And you get to have some old fashioned, gun-totin', dice throwin', high life livin fun​
If you'd like to join a real underground criminal organization, then be sure to message me A S A P​
OOC: Basically, I would like more people to this whole casino business with me. There's gonna be underground work such as drugs, weapons, prostitution, and much more. I could also use a few thugs and goons at my side to assert my dominance. PM me if interested.​


Thus Saith the Lord
I can do drugs and Prostitutes but I am a little short to be a thug. Is there a place for me on your staff?


There surely is, my man. we'll be settin' up shop in Sith space, that cool with you?

@Vex Tythion

Aela Kellov

One mean S.O.B.

If you pay well enough I could do for thug work. Though if you expect me to do any dances you'd better be ready to pay a whole lot extra.


@[member="Vex Tythion "]Good to hear.

@[member="Aela Kellov "]Business before pleasure, doll. If you wanna job, I got what you need.