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  • Intent: Create the capital city for the planet Arsenae
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  • City Name: Lesea
  • Classification: Capital City
  • Location: Arsenae
  • Affiliation: The Arsenian people and their government.
  • Population: Moderate: roughly fifty thousand individuals.
  • Demographics: The vast majority of the population is Arsenian, with less than one percent being offworlders. This is due to how new Arsenae is to the galaxy and being relatively unknown by the galaxy at large. Most of the non Arsenians are either diplomats or traders. While somewhat wary of offworlders, the Arsenians don't bar offworlders from settling, but keep the number of immigrants low.
  • Wealth: Medium: Arsenae is a planet of average wealth. Most of its wealth comes from agriculture exports. Items such as wine and oils made from Melia trees, marble slabs, statues and sculptures bring in a steady flow of credits.
  • Stability: Medium: Lesea is a relative safe city, with most crimes being minor or nothing severally serious. Offworlders, while treated with caution at first, will find very little to threaten their safety.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Arsenae has a fairly high level of freedom, with very few laws that oppress its citizens. People are allowed to freely speak and express their ideas and concerns in the public square without any concerns of repercussions. In their daily lives, Arsenians are allowed to pursue their intrests, passions and other desires. Like most planets, Arsenae has strick laws against crimes such as murder, theft and the like.
  • Description: Lesea is an old city of stone work buildings, cobbled streets and large open air markets. Large temples of marble and painted murals stand above the houses. Wide main roads lined with pillars and statues break off into narrow worn streets that create a maze of small neighborhoods. Homes and buildings closer to the docks are older and packed closer together, a sign of the original city itself. Large piers stretch out into the bay of Lesea, where merchant and fishing vessels anchor. To the north is a high hill where a temple to the Goddess Amera sits, along with several other well known Goddesses. At the base of the mountain sits the palace and Senate building. Stretching away from the city and at its edges are smaller farms and orchards.

  • Temple of the water goddess Nelarea: The temple was once built as a large canal leading from the bay boarding Lesea to the open sea. Over the years followers of Nelarea, who were mainly fishermen and seafarers, slowly built the temple around the canal itself as way to pray to her before each journey out of safe harbor from Lesea and as a way to thank her upon returning.
  • Temple of the patron goddess Amera: Temple of the chieftess goddess Amera. This mighty temple sits high on a hill overlooking Lesea and the surrounding lands. The main temple house a high ceiling with many large towering pillars and open floor space. Blue colored banners hang between the columns while large stone basins burn with offerings below. The back of the temple holds a large bronze and marble statue of Amera. Smaller temples also occupy the hill, starting from the from the top and working their way down the hill, from greatest to least importance.
  • Senate building and palace: This grand structure serves as both the Senate building and the palace for the ruling family and diplomats. The Senate side of the building is a large open air structure with a sunk in floor for public audiences above, large pillars support a roof whose ceiling is painted in murals of significant points in history. The palace side of the building is well guarded and is temporary home to ambassadors and the ruling family. Consisting of small modest apartments with only a few rooms. This design was intentional to keep leaders from living to lavish a lifestyle. Some rulers and ambassadors will stay in their own homes if they live in the city.
  • Lesea spaceport: The most modern and advanced part of the city. With its duracrete and durasteel structures, sophisticated technology and more modern look, the spaceport sticks like a sore thumb against the ancient looking city. Not considered the most advanced spaceport in the galaxy, but it's the main spaceport on and off Arsenae. Amongst all the modern structures are signs of local designs and statues of different goddesses scattered about. Like most smaller space ports, can only hold a few dozen ships of medium size or smaller.

. Lesea is a relatively well protected city. Anti-ship defenses have been discreetly hidden across the city, especially near the Senate building and spaceport, small patrols of security officers can be occasionally seen on the streets. Most of the military forces are focused around the spaceport and Senate building, but not in large numbers. The civilians themselves have been trained since early childhood in combat and military tactics, all adults go through a mandatory ten years of military service. This adds extra security when the civilians are all capable of easily defending themselves. The largest concentration of armed forces rests in the military garrison across from the Senate building and palace. Large underground bunkers have been built into the adjacent hillside incase of air attacks. Large preexisting tunnels under the city were reinforced and connected to the bunkers to keep civilians safe as they moved to shelter.

  • 5,000 BBY- The city of Lesea was founded after Queen Lesea united the warring empires and city states of Arsenae. Established on the banks of a calm bay, the fledgling city rapidly grew. This was in part not only to it being the seat of power on the planet, but because of its access to fertile farmland and rich abundant seas.
  • 4,800 BBY- The first temple to Amer is built followed by several other Goddesses. Making Lesea the heart of all religious decisions and largest stopping ground for religious pilgrimages.
  • 4,700 BBY- First Senate building and palace was built.
  • 4,000 BBY- Largest college of philosophy is built.
  • 2,800 BBY- Followers of Elphine lead and assault on Lesea in an attempt to capture it during the two hundred years war. Which they ultimately fail and driven into the mountains.
  • 800 ABY- After pirates attempt to raid Arsenae and brings the planet into the galaxy at large. The Arsenians build their first offworld embassy and begin construction on its first spaceport.
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