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Lenna Praxon

Major Faction


OOC Account


Name: Lenna Vivianna Praxon
Rank: Piss-Poor Smuggler
Homeworld: Naboo
Current Locale: Amfar
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Feminine
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: No


Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 26 GSY
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian





[member="Dash Ardellian"]- A friend she gained while at the academy, and someone Lenna used to pal around with shortly after leaving the military.


[member="Ordon Trozky"] - Lenna's ex-fiancé whom she had formed a genuine and loving relationship with, despite their engagement being arranged. At times, their romance was tumultuous and chaotic, and their differing opinions eventually tore a rift between them.


Vizion Bahram Praxon - Father, Deceased
Zennith Neve Praxon nee. Shol - Mother, Deceased
Charles Daymar Praxon - Brother
Evette Devonna Praxon - Sister



Lenna was left without support after a failed mission and survived, only to remain stranded behind enemy lines in the jungle of Onderon. Putting her survival training to use, Lenna was able to live through the ordeal with just a backpack and basic medical supplies for a month. After her escape, she went into hiding and sold her skills working as a freelancer to make a living.

Hand-to-Hand Combat
As was required, Lenna spent a year in training before being let out into the field, which included spending almost twelve hours a day for five months in the combat training room.

Capable of fluently speaking Galactic Basic, Durese and some Bocce.


Lacks Piloting Skill
Lenna has many qualities that are valuable and useful, but piloting isn't one of those. Instead, she relies on droids she's had programmed who do the flying for her, which isn't a great alternative in comparison to a flesh and blood pilot.

Her distrust interferes with her ability to form relationships with others, as she believes many whom she meets are out to get her in some way, no matter how unfounded her beliefs are.

A coping mechanism she's used as a strange way to deal with the stress surrounding the last few years of her life.

Mediocre Aim
Lenna pretends she was some Han Solo in her class, but really she was more of a Greedo.



Intelligent, perceptive, and serious - but also aimless. Before her time in the military she was vivacious, but has lost a lot of her previous light. The trials she's been through have left her feeling hollow with a lot of low-key self-destructive tendencies and most of the time Lenna is just going through the motions instead of actually living.

It's not uncommon for her to make irrational, rash, impulsive decisions. She's stubborn as a mule and is quite determined to do things her way - despite the fact that her boneheaded ways usually land her in a lot of trouble.



Usually found covered in grease or dust, but most of the time both. She is someone who is unapologetically herself and not afraid to let the galaxy see all of her sides, including those sides which are less than flattering. Often, when she's in the hangar bay (probably fixing her ship, which should be scraped and thrown in a trash compactor), she's seen sporting splotched cargo pants and tank tops, lace-up military boots, and goggles pushed atop her head, her mousy brown hair sticking out in every which direction.

A real fashionista, this gal.



The heir to her families fortune and business empire; Lenna was never comfortable with the idea of what her life would one day become and set out to find her own happiness, going against what her parents willed. In the process, Lenna deeply damaged the reputation of the Praxon name and destroyed years of a building relationship with a noble family of Brentaal IV.

She's cut out a little slice of heaven for herself as a smuggler, traveling the galaxy with just the stars behind her, and wanting mostly to be left to her own devices and out of any of the ongoing wars, choosing to stay in the regions of space that have no loyalties.

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