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League of the Sith

Chaos-God of Gluttony

League of the Sith
"No longer are we the fleeting shadows, now we are the all consuming fire."
- Motto of Warlord Voracitos' Warband

General Information
  • Type of Government: Military Confederacy (of dictators)
  • Head of State: Various unrelated Warlords
  • Alignment: Darkside
  • Warlords: Supreme Commander of a military territory (Can be anyone strong or influential enough to bring a loyal army under their control)
  • Battlelords: A Warlords' best friends
  • Lord: Military Governors
  • Military Ranks: Run of the mill rank structure for all branches
  • Conquered: Enslaved populaces often impressed into military service (compulsory military service, there is no such thing as a citizen) with scant if any supplies. Most often employed as cannon fodder, however the more intelligent bunch are picked up and trained into more important and specific tasks. They usually may only ever ascend to a Military Rank by completing at least a campaign, completed a breeding program, and have received a recommendation by a superior officer. Policies like these though are completely up to the individual Warlord, but this is the current precedent.
Societal Information
  • Capital: Ziost (When major, and purely OOC since there is no official congregation of the Warlords)
  • Official Languages: Galactic Basic, Imperial Basic
  • Currency: Galactic Credit Standard
  • State Religious Body: The Sith Order


The government style is simple:

If you can convince an army to follow you into battle, you are now a Warlord and a member of the League. You are given incredible freedom as just one out of possibly many others, both IC and OOC. As a Warlord IC, you are literally unopposed in what you do, so long as you don't force you're population into a mutiny your loyalists can't handle. The League's resources (what little of it you own) is at your complete disposal and you may Invade anything, at any time. You may have to plea a bit before convincing some of the more stubborn of fellow Warlords, but you may be able to convince them to assist you in your crusades, and you to him likewise.

As a Warlord OOC, you get to join the Oligarchy! You get to help plan invasions and initiate your own free of restriction other than the Board rules; however, you must have an army follow you, and thus the army must agree to an Invasion first. Warlords in the beginning shall be a free title to claim, however, you're going to have to be able to back up the justification for it IC, and stronger Warlords may usurp you, thus be wary of claiming the title. Later one once and if we get bigger, it will be that Warlords must be approved by the Faction as a whole before you ascend to the title. But just so that everyone knows, there is no singular leader. The only thing that comes close, is the admins that will make the faction look pretty.

The Sith Order

The League of the Sith is not chauvinist, and by being Sith you are not granted any special privileges. Everyone must adhere to the Hierarchy, and if you break you better damn well be sure you can hold your ground, otherwise you may pay dearly. The League though is composed of those who believe in the Old Sith Order, and Sith of higher status may grant one a degree of respect, but respect only.

Foreign Policy

Destroy, everyone. Period.


  • To create as many invasions as possible, and create a faction of pure conquering bad assery

Closing Statements

Command an army, raze worlds, get filthy powerful doing it. Have fun!

Link to the Faction Page
Chaos-God of Gluttony
Some may choose to be, @[member="Antares Windu"]. But basically "the army" is just volunteers to follow a given writer into battle, such as an Invasion or Dominion. Like a sign up sheet. If no one signs up, you don't get to do your things you want.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
Also, if my advertisement is looking skimpy, it's because my computer died at least two to three times before I could post this, and at that point I was so frustrated I shortened it all directly to the point of things. It also needed room for addition via popular consensus.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
I would just like to clarify since the question came up via PM, that the League is separate from the One Sith. An individual within the One Sith are allowed to be part of the League, but the One Sith does not supersede the League, in other words, we are not the same Order. In fact, I think the League represents the anti-thesis of the One Sith.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
Is there anything I could do to better interest people into this idea? We have our first thread up, where we are meeting at Ziost. It is still open even to those who are not going to join the League (perhaps I should change it to public then, lol).

Are there any further questions, or anyone in need of clarification/anyone with additional ideas?