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Perfection is Eternal

NAME: Lauda Cavataio
AGE: Varies, 200 years old
SPECIES: Force altered being/Clone; 8/16 Human, 4/16 Sith Species, 1/16 Kiffar, 1/16 Epicanthix, 1/16 Morellian, 1/16 Miralukan

FACTION: Witches of Dathomir (Morte Clan)
RANK: Elder
CLAN: Morte Clan
OCCUPATION: Cavataio second-in-command, Priestess

SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
WEIGHT: 118 lbs (54 kg)
EYES: Chocolate brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Pale/Fair


Lauda is a strong confidant woman fiercely devoted to her family first and foremost. From the very beginning of her life, she was raised for a specific powerful future, through her training and other teachings which has in result molded much of her own beliefs. She is extremely eager to learn, to know and to achieve, ambitious. Despite her darkside affiliation to which she is devoted to, when it comes to loved ones, she is probably the kindest Sith you will ever meet. There isn't anything she wouldn't do for her children, parents, siblings and mate.

For the most part of her early life, she had not care for either gender, seeming at times a bit asexual. Too focused on her books, she never really rose her glance to even notice on any of them. It was after passing her twentieth birthday that a feeling of curiosity began to grow within her, making her simply want to know why people were so appealed to physical contact with one another. Through but a couple of male slaves, Lauda learned originally that wasn't anything all that interesting about it and returned to her studies. First time it was ever something that happened naturally was with Sanies with whom she had two children.

Being a mother didn't change her all that much, her love merely expending to the two new additions to her already large family. While never needing reason with how well Mirus and Mira, and later her adopted daughter La'Ca were well protected, Lauda is the lioness mother deep within, ready to hunt down and destroy whoever tried to hurt her little ones, even when they've all grown up.

Even after fifty years of her life, one can (and Mira has often) call Lauda a boring person. Her head is still in her books and scrolls, her training is the first time she will do in the morning. Besides her own family, one more creature takes a special place in her heart and as such takes up a valued amount of time in each day - her companion Pervicax.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):
(+) Pre-birth Midi-clorian Manipulation: While her mother was pregnant with her, her parents used midi-clorian manipulation to up her connection to the Force, thus having her born as a Force altered being with increased potential. As such, she is expected to excel others and that expectation has been set before her from day one.
(+) Extensive knowledge of the Witch culture: Always a student, Lauda has been learning her culture, history and even magic since she could read as a small girl and thus began teaching others even before being a Spellweaver.
(+) Ambitious: From day one, Lauda has been very ambitious and focused on achieving her goals. The most important of those goals is living up to the expectations of her parents and fulfilling her full potential both with magic and the Force.
(+) Dathomirian magic: Lauda did her Trial by Fire and since has been continuously studying the magic of her people.
(+) The Force: As a child of a Sith Master and Witch Elder, Lauda was taught early to accept both methods into her life and learned from both her parents but also went out to find other Force Users to help her in her request.
(+) Languages: Ancient Sith, Basic Galactic Standard, Bocce, Durese, Hapan Language, High Galactic, Huttese, Mando'a, Paecean
(+) Others skills: Business studies, Criminology, Communication studies, Dathomirian laws, Feminist studies, Galaxy literature, History, Organizations, Peace and conflict studies, Piloting, Strategy, Tactics, Weapons training
(-) Obligation to be Perfect: While Lauda has learned to fail as minimum as possible, it's still somewhat of a burden. It's not just a word for, it's everything she has to be so she can be worthy of her mother. Which can cause problem.
(-) Work until you drop: The side-effect of her ambition and dedication is the energy she puts into her training and advancement. Lauda knows no bounders to this, and has many times crashed from exhaustion late at night because once she gets starting with her long sessions, practically nothing can stop her.
(-) Character Flaws: Bigot, Egotistical, Fierce, Megalomaniac, Murderer, Naive, Nosey, Obsessive, Overambitious, Overprotective, Over confidant, Overzealous, Perfectionist, Practical, Proud, Smart Ass, Soft-Hearted, Solemn, Stubborn
(-) Phobia: Atelophobia (fear of not being good enough or imperfection)
(-) Starkiller genes: While there are plenty of bonuses of being the daughter of a powerful Sith Master, it doesn't help her aging process in comparison to her Mother (who is already half Dathomiri) and other people of her world.

-- Indestructible by Disturbed
-- The Mystic's Dream by Loreena McKennitt



  • [Spellweaver] Animal Healing
  • [Spellweaver] Arrows of Fire II
  • [Spellweaver] Call Mist
  • [Spellweaver] Call Rain I
  • [Spellweaver] Force "Blanket" II
  • [Spellweaver] Force Crush II
  • [Spellweaver] Shield Spell
  • [Spellweaver] Spell of Element Protection
  • [Spellweaver] Spell of Fire Creation I
  • [Spellweaver] Spell of Healing II
  • [Spellhunter] Arrows of Fire I
  • [Spellhunter] Force "Blanket" I
  • [Spellhunter] Force Crush I
  • [Spellhunter] Mountain Sense
  • [Spellhunter] Night Sight
  • [Spellhunter] Probe Spell I
  • [Spellhunter] Spell of Communication
  • [Spellhunter] Spell of Focus
  • [Spellhunter] Spell of Healing I
  • [Spellhunter] Song of Power
  • [Spellhunter] Spell of Water
  • [Spellhunter] Telekinesis I
  • [Spellhunter] Tempest I
  • [Spellhunter] Weather Sense
  • [Master] Force Bubble
  • [Knight] Alter Elements: Fire
  • [Knight] Combustion
  • [Knight] Enhanced Force Sense
  • [Knight] Enhanced Telekinesis
  • [Knight] Force Blinding
  • [Knight] Force Deflect
  • [Knight] Force Drain
  • [Knight] Force Screem
  • [Knight] Force Spark
  • [Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
  • [Apprentice] Farsight
  • [Apprentice] Force Comprehension
  • [Apprentice] Force Empathy
  • [Apprentice] Force Rage
  • [Apprentice] Force Sense
  • [Apprentice] Telepathy
  • [Knight] Illusion Casting
Lauda stands at five feet five inches, with long dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. For the most part, she is the representation of the Cavataio bloodline, taking more after them than her paternal side. She has an hourglass figure and a pale/fair complexion. Once far more skinnier but having delivered three children, it has certainly helped her body shape which her Mother made sure to return in perfect condition as she had left this galaxy with.




-- Scroll with the Weather Sense spell - The first Spell Lauda ever learned was the Weather Sense spell, with which she passed her Witch Trials. After the compilation of her test and telling Ma'dri was she had seen, her mother gave her the scroll and told her to keep it safe and pass it down to her children when she had them as it was a family tradition.
-- Training journal - On the second day of her training, Lauda was told that she would be sleeping in the meditation room and was given her mother's training journal which showed Petra Cavataio's years of training. On the same day, she was given her very own training journal which Lauda would use to write out about her training, not just what she learned by how it made her feel. She filled out the first page right there, putting in details about the day before when she passed her Trial by Fire in front of Ma'dri, Pa'tre and doing a test with Serva at the end of it. Years have passed and that training journal is still being filled out by Lauda, each day that she trains, another page is written out.
-- Spellbook - Over time, the more Lauda learned, the more she felt she had to write down her spells and she created her very own spellbook covered with spells, things about magic, what each thing does, even her powers and their effects are listed in it. While her people have a Book of Dathomir with such things, this is Lauda's very own Book of Dathomir in a way.
-- Sith Amulet [will be submission-ed prior to any usage]

Lauda was born to Force-ranked individuals, Petra Cavataio and Xander Starkiller, who were in their time quite famous around the galaxy. One a Dathomiri Elder with background as a Sith learnings and the other one a Sith Master. While her mother was still pregnant with her, her parents used midi-clorian manipulation giving her a better edge once she arrived into this world. At the age of five, the young Witch had her Trial by Fire and began her studying, first as a Witch and later she was introduced to Neutral and Darkside Force Powers. While she began with her Mother and older sister, Serva, in time she expended to others, not just of her family but outsiders as well. By the time she was fifteen, she had gone through her Trial by Ancestors and a decade afterwords, she gave birth to twins, Mirus and Mira, fathered by her mother's slave. By the time the twins were ready, she prepared their Trial by Fire. During a riot of Bull Rancors, wild creatures, a group of Witches went out to hunt them to prevent them from rampaging around the planet. While she killed one of the animals, the other became her own rancor and her best friend. Not longer after, she adopted a girl called Dharma who was nicknamed Lauda'Caelum "La'Ca" Cavataio.

By the age 39, she murdered a Sith called Zerxes Vondiranach who had attacked her and a Jedi Master. When her Mother's plans with the Witches progressed, she was titled second-in-command alongside her sister Serva, a role which contained many duties, including representing her Mother when she was unavailable. Not along after, she met her soon-to-be mate, Blade Peacecraft, only to be informed by her sister that he was under the protection of their mother, and thus would require her permission if she wanted anything with the Jai. Given permission, Lauda and Blade were given a proper Dathomirian claiming ceremony. First she became step mother two his two sons, Rufio and Xaviero, before giving birth to their daughter Celeste Cavataio. When the Witches sought union with the Sith, she was ranked up to her being her mother's priestess while her sister took the clan over. Among her regular duties, Lauda also continued to teach other, including her half-sister from her paternal side who had been eager to learn Spells. On one meeting with a Imperial Emperor, Lauda refuses to agree to their terms and it creates disagreements between the two sides. Her next promotion included becoming a High Priestess to her mother's cult.

[to be updated...]

Mate: Blade Peacecraft (deceased)
Children: Mirus Cavataio, Mira Cavataio, La'Ca Cavataio (Dharma Decuir), Celeste Cavataio, Rufio Peacecraft (stepson), Xaviero Peacecraft (stepson)
Grandchildren: Kisin Decuir, Minerva Decuir
Parents: Petra Cavataio, Xander Starkiller
Siblings (Cavataio): Deus Nox Cavataio, Precious Cavataio, Evilina Cavataio, Loki Cavataio, Leto Cavataio, Lugh Cavataio, Siena Cavataio, Envy Cavataio, Antonio Cavataio, Petra'Dri "Squeak" Cavataio, Serva Cavataio, Michelangelo Cavataio, Ancilla Cavataio, Fabula Cavataio, Kristin Cavataio, Veritas Cavataio
Siblings (Starkiller): Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Morgaine deWinter, Alistair Starkiller, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter, Alexiares Decuir, Raven Decuir and Trinity Decuir
Nieces: Natalie deWinter, Summer Widd-Cavataio, Meteora Cavataio, Effera deWinter, Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller, Eri'Anya Starkiller
Nephews: Morgan Cavataio, S'it Cavataio, Roman Cavataio, Kallig Cavataio, Nico Cavataio, Nicholas Cavataio, Zane Starkiller, Dante deWinter, Connor Starkiller, Caid Centurion
Companion: Pervicax (MIA)

Witches of Dathomir; 600-700 years prior
--Petra Cavataio
--Serva Cavataio
--Xander Starkiler
--Antonio Cavataio
--Sanies Robur
--Shery deWinter
--Cameron Centurion
--Nessarose deWinter
--Shery deWinter
--Mira Cavataio
--Mirus Cavataio
--Dharma Decuir/La'Ca Cavataio
--Nessarose deWinter
--Il'Sirus Fiore
--Celeste Cavataio
Witches of Dathomir; present day
--Marrik Aloxum

Zerxes Vondiranach ~ Catching my Breath

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