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Image: made by sansyu.

  • Name: Larriks

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Crystalsong

  • Language: Crystalsong Standard, Larherrome

  • Average height of adults: 2 metres

  • Skin color: Gray, black.

  • Hair color: Larriks don’t have hair.

  • Breathes: Type I, able to breathe Type II too.

  • Strengths:
High Culture - Larriks are known for their cultural advancements. For instance, they have literature, art, music, education, traditions, beliefs, which are all almost unknown to other inhabitants of Crystalsong.
Educated - education is a common norm for Larriks, which means, that they are most likely the most intelligent natives of Crystalsong.
Self-defense - Larriks, being reptile-like, have the ability to change their scale colour to match the environment.
Lie Detection - Larriks understand if a person is lying, but only if the person is talking to them, not to someone else. They can sense blood pressure and notice eye movement. They quickly combine these things and because of this, they understand most of the times if a person is lying or speaking the truth.
Eyesight - Larriks can see well in dark.

  • Weaknesses:
Rebellious Nature - if Larriks don’t agree with something, they start rebelling, but they don’t realize, that most of the times they are wrong.
Destructive - angry Larriks can destroy everything, including their families, homes, really important artifacts, etc.
Body Type - even though Larriks can protect themselves well, their bodies don’t allow them to fight against other species efficiently. They are not strong nor nimble and their precision is really bad.
Eyesight - Larriks can be considered blind in strong sunlight.
Depending on Other Species - Larriks can’t do many practical works, which makes them dependent on other species who can do these jobs.

  • Distinctions: Reptilian, have spiky formations on their backs, their backs are always hunched. Really long hands, short legs, bodies covered with scales.

  • Average Lifespan: 30 years.

  • Races: They are only separated by their scale colours. Some people have gray scales, some have black.

  • Diet: Larriks eat smaller animals: worms, insects, sometimes even little mammals. They can consume some plants, but in larger amounts, they are poisonous.

  • Communication: Holocommunication, verbal, written. The Crystalsong Standard is a modified version of the Galactic Basic Standard, though it’s unsure why it’s so. There are a few hundred new words, about a thousand removed ones (which the inhabitants of Crystalsong don’t need) and many modified ones. Letters are almost the same as they are in GBS. Larherrome has taken a few words from the Crystalsong Standard, but most of their language is made by themselves. Consonants are almost identical to Galactic Basic Standard, some of them are just pronounced either in a softer way or they sound longer than they should. Their only vocal is a, which is only in a few, commonly known words like “Larrik”, “Larherrome”, “Lak”. Almost all of their words start with the letter L.

  • Culture: Not much is known (ICly) about the Larriks. They don’t have much culture, but they are all warriors. Caste-like system exists in their society where there are three major castes (commonly known as ranks): shadows, darknesses and necromancers. Shadows are the lowest people. They must do lower level jobs, but have the right for their opinion and can become politicians. Darknesses are higher people who can own businesses and do higher level jobs like leading companies, organizations and deal with psychology and other matters of Larriks. Like shadows, they can join the politics. The highest caste, necromancers, are Force-users. They normally use the Dark Side of the Force and don’t have to do jobs. They get money from just being, but some of them also own lots of land and businesses. They can become politicians. Moving from one caste to another is impossible, but after becoming a politician, the person’s caste doesn’t matter anymore. Family exists in Larrik culture and it’s actually in a really high place. Abandoning your family is considered as the worst crime there is, being even worse than genocide. That’s why Larriks never leave their family even if one doesn’t love their partner anymore.Even though Larriks are ruled by the president, they still have a parliament which consists of 850 members. The parliament is elected for five years, but a person can never be a member of it more than once. The president is elected for six years and can hold the position twice.

  • Technology level: Galactic average.

  • General behaviour: Larriks are normally calm, a bit sarcastic people. They like studying, making family, working. They love politics, which is basically the basement of their society and life. In case a person from other species meets a Larrik, they get a warm greeting. Larriks think other people are good until their opinions clash. Then, Larriks may start doing stupid things like fighting against the person, chopping their head off or the Larrik person may start hating the species. If Larriks become angry, they don’t control themselves. They just do whatever they want, as already in their weaknesses.

  • History:
10,555 BBY - the first recorded history of Larriks.
10,536 BBY - Larrik Republic is made.
10,535 BBY - the era of peace starts. Larriks develop and their caste system is made. Unlike most of the planet, they manage to live through this time without any serious conflicts or rebellions. Many presidents change, the parliament changes, people change. Great people like exceptionally good writers, politicians, philosophists live. Larrik culture quickly grows and becomes the highest on the planet. Libraries, theatres, universities are made. High education becomes one of the most powerful strengths of Larriks. Larriks start secretly visiting other close planets like Zahat’n’ira, but due to various reasons, Larrik history nor Zahati’i mention nothing about it.
429 ABY - Nioks close their borders to avoid the Gulag Plague. Half a year later, Larriks do the same.
433 ABY - the Revolution of Laaha. People protest against the government which is believed to be corrupted. Millions of people die. The Gulag Plague reaches Larrik Republic.
437 ABY - Laaha recovers from the destruction of the revolution and Gulag Virus. The new government is elected.
708 ABY - the Gulag Plague is almost gone. Laaha and the rest of the Larrik Republic are fully recovered.
761 ABY - The Gulag Plague is completely gone. Crystalsong returns to its former beauty.
764 ABY - the Supreme King of Ulkirammor invades the Larrik Republic. Millions of innocent people die. Ulkirammor wins the invasion and also a part of the Larrik state. The little part is renamed Markhareim City.
800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Mankarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence.
807 ABY - the war against Tatooine colony ends with the colony almost destroyed. The Ryloth colony signs a peace treaty with the Larrik Republic to avoid any problems similar to the problems the Tatooine colony caused. The second era of peace starts. During this time, Larriks lose their most advanced culture status due to small rebellions and Ulkirammor’s invasions. The First Library of Lakath Rfrm (Lakath Referum in Galactic Basic) is destroyed with all literature it held. Museums are burnt down, theatres face bankruptcy, universities slowly become more unimportant until all of them except Patantrtm Vrsta (Patantrotum Versitae in Galactic Basic), are gone.
836 ABY - adventurers of Coruscant arrive to Crystalsong. Larrik Republic has returned to its former glory, Twi’leks still work with Larriks, Tatooine colony seeks to invade the Larrik Republic with the help of Ulkirammor and the human colony quickly becomes one of the major powers on Crystalsong, becoming a serious threat for Larriks.[/size]

  • Notable Player-Characters: None yet.

  • Intent: I am trying to make this species to have a new, a bit different species in Chaos. It would bring new storylines and possibilities.

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