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Kyr'am Munitions


Prudii Kyr'am Alor/Mandalorian Elder
▪ Image Source: custom made

▪ Canon Link: custom company

▪ Development Thread: (If appliable.)

▪ Primary Source: BuysABuys supplies from various companies


▪ Corporation Name: Kyr'am Munitions
* Kyr'am Corporation

▪ Headquarters: Dxun

▪ Locations: Dxun & Mandalore

▪ Operations: Weapons, Ammo, explosives

▪ Tier: Tier VI

A'den Kyr'am spent his whole life learning how to build weapons, and explosives. When he wasn't bounty hunting he would sell fire arms as means to make money. Eventually he saved enough to open his own business.

A'den decided to mass produce weapons for the Mandalorians in a swift decision to help his people. During a battle A'den believed to be dead. Thus wasn't the case and he returned to further his business and manufacture weapons. Upon reconnecting with his fellow vode he agreed to help the cause and mass produce weapons for all his people. As well he would produce weapons to be purchased on the open market.

A'den Kyr'am built the company to help his fellow Mandalorians. His passion is crafting weapons and teaching. So he put his hard earned credits into both forming Kyr'am Munitions and also passing on his Knowledge of weaponry to his employees. To this day A'den Kyr'am still continues to produce quality weapons for each customer. Each weapon is specially hand checked, tested and approved to make sure it's battle ready, reliable and a good weapon in your hands. Backed by A'den's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

▪ N/A

Parent Corporation: N/A

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
@A'den Kyr'am

Please add "Tier 2" to the tags

Also I need you to beef up the description and rationale just a bit. Maybe add a bit about why he wants to found the company, etc

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
@A'den Kyr'am

If you hit "edit" then hit "Use Full Edit" you'll get an edit box much like the original post. There you will see;


Just Type "Tier 2" in the "Topic Tags" section and then hit comma, you'll add the tag I requested. You can also add tags like "Mandalorian", "Kyr'am Munitions ", and whatever else is relevant. It makes it easier to find things later using the boards search function.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
@A'den Kyr'am

Alright this seems fine to me.

Also in the future please make sure to tag your factory just just write "@theirnamehere" or press the @mention button :)