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Approved Tech KT-X184 High-Intensity Turbolaser

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  • Manufacturer: Kalor-Tech Industries
  • Model: X184
  • Affiliation: Elite/special clientele
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Alusteel, parabolic mirrors, focusing lenses, neodyium-doped gas, tungsten, coolant
  • Classification: Turbolaser Cannon
  • Size: Ship-Mounted
  • Length: 14m
  • Weight: 950kg
  • Ammunition Type: Ship's power supply
  • Ammunition Capacity: Effectively unlimited.
  • Effective Range: 2 km
  • Rate of Fire: One shot lasting 3.5 seconds. 4 second charge time. 30 second cooldown time.
  • Can fire an extremely powerful continuous beam of energy lasting 3.5 seconds at a target
This weapon is able to charge a very powerful bolt of plasma capable of ripping through nearly any unshielded hull with comparative ease.

In an aerial battle, it is always a primary objective to deactivate an opponent's shields to make them vulnerable to attack. This weapon doesn't focus on removing enemy shields, it more focuses on what happens after their shields are down. It allows the user to capitalize on weakness in an opponent's defense, ripping through their hull before they have a chance to repair their shields.

This weapon isn't particularly large, just quite long. This makes it impossible to install on something as small as a starfighter. This also makes it an easier target for enemies.

When the weapon is charged, a powerful laser is generated in the back of the weapon. It reaches full power after 4 seconds, when it is released into the amplification chamber. This box-like structure reflects the beam off a series of parabolic mirrors and through focusing lenses. It is simultaneously empowered by a custom neodyium-doped gas that in tandem with the other factors makes a very powerful beam. It is then shot down the tungsten barrel through a final set of lenses where it ejects towards its target.

This beam is very powerful, able to cut through materials with greater ease than even a lightsaber. It will cut through even the strongest of hulls with relative ease, and a prolonged blast is powerful to cut through even impervium.

However, this weapon has a few major drawbacks. First, it consumes huge amounts of power. Unless a ship is packing a beastly reactor, chances are it won't be able to handle a single shot from this. It also has a mandatory 30 second cooldown time, as even the tungsten cannot withstand frequent volleys of the laser beams. The weapon takes 4 seconds to charge, which is inconvenient in a space battle and can often allow an enemy time to evade the attack. The gun is quite large making it a good-sized target for an enemy to shoot down.

  • Powerful enough to cut through most hulls with ease
  • Very long range
  • Shots form a continuous and concentrated beam for up to 3.5 seconds
Weaknesses :
  • Eats up a massive amount of power
  • Takes 4 seconds to fully charge a shot
  • 30 second cooldown time
  • Average against shields, is typically a waste of power unless used against an exposed hull
  • Large and heavy
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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