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Krupx Munitions, LLC

Gorba the Hutt

Smug Slug

  • Image Source: Wookieepedia, Krupx Munitions
  • Canon Link: Krupx Munitions
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Krupx Munitions, LLC
  • Headquarters: Incorporated and headquartered on Nar Shaddaa
  • Locations: Lower Industrial Sector, Nar Shaddaa
  • Operations: Munitions Manufacturing
  • Tier: II

After purchasing the legal title to Krupx Munitions through a Sakiyan intermediary, Gorba set the company up as a limited liability company, because it is the best kind of company. Aside from the tax benefits, Gorba had no desire to be pulled into some frivolous suit claiming bombs manufactured in Krupx Munitions killed innocent families. So, the corporate veil was the best way to go. He is the primary shareholder, but he distributed enough shares to reliable underlings to make it appear as though he does not dominant elections for the board, even though he totally does - but good luck proving that in a Nar Shaddaa court, sleemo.

Krupx was capitalized with enough funds to lease out a factory on Nar Shaddaa and hire military scientists with loose morals. Within a few months, Krupx Munitions once again started cranking out horrifyingly effective weapons of war for the first time in centuries, for sale to the highest bidder.


Gorba the Hutt bought out Krupx Munitions, which was run out of the garage of a Gran explosives enthusiast. Apparently the Gran legally purchased the title from the Republic, though no one really cared about the intellectual property of the company anymore - it had been defunct for centuries.


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Parent Corporation: Bareesh Kajidic