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Approved Starship Kressh-class Frigate

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Intent: To develop a frigate that can replace the Dalek-class Assault Frigate as the primary frigate class of the Sith Empire.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes | Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing
Model: Frigate(Escort-type)
Affiliation: Sith Empire | Open-Market
Modularity: Yes
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel(hull), Duranium(frame)
Description: The Kressh-class Frigate was another concerted effort by Subach-Innes to produce a ship for the Sith Empire that was capable of dealing with the next generation of smaller ships the Republic, Mandalorians, and other major galactic powers were outfitting their navies with. The trend of utilizing smaller and more vulnerable ships(such as the Subjugator) to carry fighters had proven to be an ultimately failed venture, showcasing a relapse of Imperial technological thought to that of the Tarkin Doctrine. Said doctrine's concept of "quantity over quality" hadn't fared the Empire well during its battles with the Rebel Alliance over eight centuries ago, nor had the logic of a Star Destroyer's "intimidation factor" served as a deterrent to exploiting its weaknesses. The question of why tactical responses had fallen back to the failed theory remained to be answered.

"When citizens look at a Star Destroyer and then compare it to the craft which might be mustered to attack it, they have a tendency to dismiss such a notion [of attacking it] as suicidal rather than approach the problem tactically." ―Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
Reducing the fighter capacity to that of a mixed squadron, the Kressh focuses predominantly on ship-to-ship combat, a rugged and sturdy spaceframe housing the latest in starship reactor technology and weapons. Whether the decrease in fighter capacity will be exploited as a weakness remains to be seen.
Classification: Capital Ship
Role: Frigate
Height: 140m
Width: 135m
Length: 400m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1, Backup Class 10
Minimum Crew: 500
Optimal Crew: 1000
Armaments: 2 heavy turbolaser batteries(front-left and front-right of the nose), 4 medium turbolaser batteries(2 port, 2 starboard), 6 point-defense laser cannon batteries(3 port, 3 starboard), 2 ion cannon batteries(dorsal forward, flanking the ship's primary sensor array), 2 proton torpedo launchers(1 flanking each side of the hangar bay, 50 torpedoes per tube)
Hangar: 4 Dominus-class Starfighters, 4 Taral-class Starfighters, 4 Galaxy-class Bombers, 3 Shuttles
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensors, shields
Passenger Capacity: 600
Cargo Capacity: 2500 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6

Mod Request 6.4.2018
Original Section/s:
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Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Frigate(Escort-type)
Affiliation: Sith Empire
New Section/s:
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes | Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing
Affiliation: Sith Empire | Open-Market
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