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Approved Tech Krennic-Class Shield Generator

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  • Intent: To create a shield generator for the First Order to accompany the shield gate.
  • Image Source: Shield Generator Dish [], Reactor [Utah People's Post],
  • Canon Link: Noneski.
  • Restricted Missions: Nada.
  • Primary Source: None.
  • Manufacturer: The First Order.
  • Model: Krennic-Class Shield Generator
  • Affiliation: The First Order.
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Limited.


  • 1x Battalion of Planetary Defence Force Troopers.
  • 12x Quad Laser Batteries.
  • 1x Platoon of FOSB Shadowtroopers and Counter-Intelligence Operatives.
  • Staffed by First Imperial Naval personnel.
  • Has access to 9x TIE Squadrons from the Krennic-class gate.
  • 1x Planetary Shield Generator.

  • +Fighter Defences: With access to nine squadrons of TIE variants, as well as twelve quad flak batteries, means that the shield generator is capable of thwarting a fighter based incursion.
  • +Intel Corps: Among the garrison is a platoon of FOSB agents. Armed with the latest iterations of shadowtrooper and counter-intelligence tactics.
Weaknesses :
  • -Mechanised Assault: The Krennic-Class Generator is not built to withstand armoured assaults.
  • -All Alone: The Shield Generator has to be built away from civilisation in order to house its large reactors and projection dish. Because of that, shipping reinforcements will take some time in the case of attack.
  • -Small Garrison: The garrison is small one, and was not designed to hold out for exhaustive amounts of time.
The Krennic-class shield generator is a large structure surrounded by large quad battery towers. The quad lasers are designed to defend against sustained fighter attack. The bases further defences are a battalion of Planetary Defence Force troopers who arm the quad batteries, and secure the base and its perimeter. The FOSB also provides a platoon of shadowtroopers and counter-intelligence operatives designed to expose any attempts at subverting the bases security by intelligence operatives and force-users.

The generator itself is designed with it being largely underground. Dug into the earth, or in Bespin's case into a floating platform, sits six large generator turbines. Maintained by technicians from the First Imperial Navy, the generator projects the planetary shield from a large shield dish which towers over all. Because of the interference provided by the dish, and it's reactor size, it is built away from civilisation. This leaves the garrison vulnerable to sustained attack from infantry, and mechanised units.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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