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Kreegan Vesh

Kreegan Vesh

Samurai Cat
NAME: Kreegan Vesh, Callsign Balance or V1X
FACTION: Darkwire | Former Republic
RANK: Agent
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5.6ft
WEIGHT: 135 Pounds
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black in Visible Light. Light Blue in ultraviolet
SKIN: In Ultraviolet Light, green with specs of orange.

Reworking this Bio
-Race does poorly in low gravity.
-Dislikes attacking anything head-on, will always try to go around problems.
-Is allergic to many types of flower pollen.
-Distrusts humans in positions of power.
-Has a low tolerance for alcohol.
-Isn't always taken seriously in combat by others due to his size.

+Fast Healing
+Night Hunter
+Gifted pilot and has amazing spatial awareness.
+Can cook lavish meals.
+Speaks 17 languages.



Chapter One

Republic Military, Classified Database.

Pre Service History, Clearance level Green 4 Required for further reading, Commander and Up.

Born and raised on the rim world of Avalon, several unconfirmed siblings. Exceptional swimmer due to childhood upbringing, inherent distrust for pirates and smugglers due to father's career in the black sun. Inherent distrust of humans in power for the same reason.

Service History:
  • Enlisted at the age of 17, no notable postings for one year. Instructors praised his talent at subterfuge but his personal feelings towards humans damaged his career at several key points.
  • On a year of very routine border patrols, spotted for talent in saving a shipload of refugees from a vastly outnumbered force, by using a star's gravity to perform a slingshot maneuver.
  • Re-evaluated service file by republic intelligence, given Agent level clearance.
  • Black Ops file records 6 missions.

    Topics of interest, bag, and tag, bring home the bacon, all skies red. Clearance level Gold 6 required for further reading, Admiral, General and Up

    Two snatch and grab operations of valuable data on criminal activities in the core and in the outer rim, black sun and syndicated hutt cartels. Two pre-emptive strikes on assassins tracking republic officials from the same organizations. Two counterintelligence operations again potential subversive elements within the republic's own military command.
  • Loss of cells' two commanding officers, recommended for promotion to second in command, lieutenant grade. Performance review in command position outstanding.
  • Selection due to unique talents for a deep-cover mission. Transferred to Wildcards diplomatic security detail, intelligence gathering primary priority, secondary priority protection of republic internal interests.
Chapter Two

Kreegan as with much of the galaxy experienced the netherworld, and like many were either trapped or stuck there for what could have been decades, or a lifetime. When he returned his memory was almost wiped. The galaxy was a very different place, his old commanders and everyone he knew was long dead. All that remained was his service and his training. He got to work infiltrating the Triad groups currently growing in strength, and has since become a vigilante enacting his own brand of justice on the worst of them. It is a fine line to walk between criminal and vigilante and some days he thinks he's as bad as any of them.
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