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Species Review Kraujas Dikuh - Blood Golem


  • Intent: To submit a new creature that can be summoned through sorcery
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  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
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  • Name: Kraujas Dikuh - High Sith for Blood Golem
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins:
    • Kessel - First Summoning, but can be summoned at any location that have seen a massive loss of life.
  • Average Lifespan: 100 Galactic Standard Days
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: Formed from whatever is in the surrounding environment and the vengeful spirits of those killed unjustly, Kraujas Dikuh are large humanoids in shape, but different in composition. However, one thing they all share in common are the large crystals of Creeping Lignan that emerge from their back that is tied into the ritual that summoned and formed them.
  • Breathes: Do not breathe
  • Average Height of Adults: 3.5 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Varies depending on the materials used to form their body. It can range across any type of stone and crystal to even vines, wood, ice, and molten stone.
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical traits of the Kraujas Dikuh, besides their size, are the crystals of Creeping Lignan that grow out of their back. Many of the summoned golems have been known to break off pieces and use them as weapons, in combination with using the elements and materials that make up their body. The other distinctive trait is each golem has the same burning red eyes, no matter what else forms their bodies.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force Sensitivity: All
  • Kraujas Dikuh, due to their creation through Sith sorcery, have been granted the ability to manipulate elements that are similar to what they were formed from in a similar style as Kro Var Shaping. Those formed from rock can manipulate earth, those formed from plants can control plants, and so on.
  • If their bodies are damaged, Kraujas Dikuh can integrate materials from their surroundings similar to their body, such as other pieces of rock or sand and so on to repair the damage. As long as even a shard of the crystals that form their bodies and the anchor of their summoning survives, the spirit can recreate its body.
  • The golems can draw upon the power of the crystals growing in them to increase their strength three fold, becoming able to fell large opponents like an average rancor in a single blow.
  • While quite powerful, if the Kraujas Dikuh are exposed to an opposite element, such as a water or plant form golem being attacked with fire, their bodies can be destroyed quickly.
  • Exposure to powerful bursts of light side energies, such as through Force Light, can calm the vengefulness of the spirit that formed the golem and send them peacefully onto the Netherworld, instantly destroying the golem and breaking the Creeping Lignan crystals into a fine, impotent powder.
  • If the golem draws upon the crystal to augment itself, it will accelerate the growth of the crystals along with shortening how long the spirit and golem will linger in the material world. Once it reaches a critical threshold, the golem will become completely Creeping Lignan and root into place to start spreading the living crystals into the surroundings.
  • Diet: They do not need to consume anything as they are a bound spirit and an animated golem body.
  • Communication: They can understand Basic and the Sith language, along with any other languages the spirit knew both their untimely deaths.
  • Technology level: While they have sentience, the spirit animating the golem does not have any sort of inclination to use technology
  • Religion/Beliefs: While they have sentience, the spirit animating the golem does not typically have any desire to form any sort of belief system. Their ability to walk on the material plane again is limited, and generally they spend that time serving the will of the one who summoned them back.
  • General behavior: The general behavior of a Kraujas Dikuh can be different depending on the desires of the summoner that created them. Typically, they can be used for guarding places temporarily or creating a soldier that can survive many different situations and will keep coming back to fulfill its purpose, embodying persistence as a virtue. They are totally and completely loyal to the will of the one who summoned, their allegiances cannot be swayed or altered even through other applications of Sith sorcery or persuasion. The only time they have been observed to act in any means on their own is if they encounter something that reminds them of what killed them before, with reactions ranging from an aura or body language that speaks of profound sadness to a fierce and fiery vengeance that will be slaked if the reminder if destroyed. One other behavior they have exhibited is similar to others infected with Creeping Lignan is the desire to spread the growth of the crystals, typically planting small chunks in their surroundings.

While necromancy and the summoning of the spirits of the dead were not her typical ventures, Darth Arcanix had grown curious about whether or not they could be combined somehow with another project her organization had been studying and experimenting with. While the Kessel facility had been forced to go quiet through a cloaking field while the planet was under control of the Bryn'adul, the experiments had continued in the deep caverns. The alchemists and sorcerers identitied that locations, such as the former spice mines where many victims had died in harsh conditions or with powerful anchoring emotions would be perfect locations to attempt the bindings. Using Sith sorcery and a newly designed ritual that would use Creeping Lignan as both a power source and anchor for the summoning, the Order of Arcane Syn led by the Lady of Secrets herself created the first Kraujas Dikuh.

The first spirit summoned, as it was pulled out of the Netherworld through its lingering pain and suffering from its horrible death in the mines, created a body that incorporated parts of the cavern where it was created and the crystals used to anchor its soul to the material world again. Tests with the summoned spirit and its golem saw it was completely loyal and only responded to commands from Arcanix herself, even if subjected to other Sith spells meant to alter its mind or even completely control it. It was able to manipulate stone and use it as both weapons and to repair damage it sustained when it was pitted against an energy spider. Pleased with what she saw, and the ongoing experiments, she had the ritual and several samples of the Creeping Lignan packed for transport for the near future.
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Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf Another lovely sithspawn as always. Only two minor things here before I stamp it:

Origins | Please link Kessel here.​
Weaknesses | Would you mind adding a weakness that deals with Force Null fields to account for the potential Force sensitivity of the species?​

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