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Approved Tech Kochen-B Implant

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Intent: to create an implant that is required to utilize a new series of vehicle produced by Tenloss
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Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Tenloss Syndicate, Closed Market
Model: Kochen-B
Modularity: None outside of size scaling for different users
Production: Limited

Material: Alusteel, durasteel, Duraplast, electronic components


  • Requires surgical implantation

  • Visible externally

  • Susceptible to ion/EMP

  • Requires direct line to vehicle to function.

  • Allows user to extend their sense of proprioception to vehicle via specialized sensors

  • Requires series of visible connector ports along spine/neck


  • Allows user to extend their sense of proprioception to vehicle via specialized sensors

  • Fits Humans and Near Humans


  • Requires extensive surgery to implant.

  • Very visible; only marginally concealable.

  • Ion/EMP damage to vehicle can and often does cause neuroelectrical feedback to users nervous system with pain/damage depending on strength/consistency of feedback.

  • Only compatible with computer and vehicle systems specially designed to function with implant.

  • Incompatible with non-humans


A new take on vehicular control, the Kochen-B is the second part of a series of specialized implants designed to function with new Tenloss vehicles planned for release. The Kochen-B is an exceedingly complex implanted device with an exceptionally simple job: to work in conjunction with specialized sensors mounted on the user’s vehicle to grant the user a greater sense of their vehicle’s physical placement.

The device, much like the A-series of the Kochen implants, requires extensive surgical implantation. Anchored to the spine, the device features a massive array of monomolecular filaments designed to integrate with the recipient’s spinal column. These filament bundles are then connected to connector cores installed directly into the recipient’s vertebrae which are, when in use, directly connected to the compatible vehicle. The device is designed solely as an output only system, though EMP/Ion damage to the vehicle, or to the device itself, can cause neuroelectrical feedback. The pain/damage of this feedback is directly relative to the power/consistency of the attack itself.

The Kochen-B is only compatible with vehicles designed to function with the implant itself. In addition, the implant is only available for human and near human use.


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