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Kobe Ordo-Seren


NAME: Kobe Ordo-Seren
FACTION: The Republic/Jedi Order
RANK: Padawan
SPECIES: Epicanthix/Human
AGE: Four
WEIGHT: 39lbs
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Sandy White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Quick Witted For His Age
+ Intelligent
+ Good At Hiding
- Small
- Frail
- Slow



Kobe was born the smaller of two twins, to Jedi Knights @[member="Asha Seren"] and @[member="Tracyn Ordo"], and was named after his Father, who had been born Kobe Ordo. Not even a day into his life, Kobe suffered the loss of his twin brother, Cassus, who was taken from him by the Sith Lord @[member="Kaine Zambrano"]. As such, Kobe became everything to his parents. Raised within the Jedi Temple, he spent his time around the light and the peace, growing as an individual despite his young age.

Even at his young age of four, he took a keen interest in building things, albeit it was only blocks, which he built houses and towers out of, he was never seen without a smile, giving a wave to any who would give him eye contact. And his laughter often fills the room that he is in, it is somewhat infections.

Plain and simple. If he smiles, you smile.

When he was a baby, Kobe's father Tracyn went off on a relentless pursuit of Kaine in an attempt to find Cassus. Due to Asha's sanity beginning to drain, Kobe's adopted uncle, @[member="Josh"] DragonsFlame, allowed Asha and Kobe to move in with him in order to take care of Kobe, as well as deal with Asha's issues while they waited for Tracyn to come home.

Years passed, Tracyn still hadn't returned except to pop in for visits. Josh had taken to treating Kobe as his own son, to give him the father figure he desperately needed. The two becoming close proved beneficial when Asha suddenly left Kobe with the Jedi and left the Order to join a rogue Jedi conclave. Josh continued to raise Kobe himself until news broke out that Asha had died in an explosion.

With his father still unable to return from his fruitless quest to find Cassus and exact revenge on Kaine, all the incredibly young and innocent Jedi could do was study as a Jedi, train and learn... And become a true Jedi just like his parents and uncle before him.


@[member="Asha Seren"] (Mother
Tracyn Ordo (Father)
Cassus Ordo-Seren (Brother)
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] (Adopted Uncle)
@Jed'ai (Adopted Aunt)




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